Wyze Cam Outdoor Operation Failed when viewing live

I have four outdoor cams. They have been all working well until recently one stopped working. When I try to watch the live stream it says Operation Failed. The connection is pretty close to the base station with full strength and it’s within inches of another camera that works fine and just a few feet from another one that works as well.

I tried brining it in to charge plus turn off / on but it still won’t let me view the live stream. Not sure if I should delete it and reconfigure or not.

Same issue, it will record motion but cannot see live view. Base station is about 20ft away.

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Both of you should try this and see how it works!

It doesn’t work… everything works as normal except live view. You can delete devices and add them again but this isn’t a fix.

The new batch of outdoor cameras do not want to wake up via live view only on detections. This has been confirmed by multiple users here, Outdoor Cam Constantly Falls Asleep

This needs to be fixed or I will be returning mine.

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Can you put the outdoor camera in a group ant try to view the livestream?

It fails to connect on any live view request. The camera goes into sleep mode as per the LED. This is not configuration issue but a new hardware and or batch issue. Please see the above link

I did take a look at the link above. I have sent this issue to Wyze!

Tried that and that does not work .

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@kenbooth77 and @mjensen
One more thing, Have you made sure that the base station firmware is updated?

Thank you, I’m a network / systems engineer so not new to tech. Not saying that I know all but this is definitely a sleep and wake issue. All other functions, like detection work as they should. Just a shame that live view wakeup is broken on new hardware. I have a buddy that has older hardware (why I bought this) and it works fine. I even took my camera to his base to see if it was a base issue and it is not. Old camera works as it should new cameras do not.

Thank you!

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Once again yes, all trouble shooting has been done… made sure all devices are up to date. removed and add devices. Reset devices and still the same functionality, live view wakeup is broken. only way for the camera to wakeup is through detections .

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From Wyze:
10/27/20 3:00 PM PT - We identified an issue that caused a connectivity problem for the Wyze Cam Outdoor due to an updated hardware component in the production process. The most recent official firmware ( isn’t compatible with this new hardware. If the firmware is updated to the .159 firmware and you are using one of the updated cameras, you will likely have difficulty connecting to the live stream although Event videos will still function.

We’re working on a Wyze Cam Outdoor firmware that’s compatible with both old and new hardware. Stay tuned for that update! It will come in the form of a base station update first which will then trigger an update for the camera itself. Once released, you can also manually flash the firmware if you have a microSD card handy and a way to put it into a computer. We anticipate this being available within the next few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.