Wyze Cam Outdoor fails to wake up for live view

Hi, i’m new here. Wanting to report a bug on the wyze cam outdoor, which i realize is very new and will probably have a lot of bugs for a while. I noticed this today. Upon attempting a live view in the app, first thing in the morning, with the camera having strong signal strength, it would not ‘wake up’ for live view, until after it recorded a motion event. after it recorded a motion event, it then seemed to connect to live view fine. i can only imagine it was ‘asleep’ per say and a live view request from the app couldn’t wake it, whereas a motion recording event did wake it. It just kept trying to connect repeatedly.

Hello @jjccia and welcome to the community

Your best bet with an issue like this is to submit a log in the app. You can find this in the app under account (lower right), then Help and Feedback, you will then find submit a log near the bottom