Motion triggered then Live View

Hello. I am here again at the forums because I am just getting worn out. Here is my issue. I have fiveV3s and a Video Doorbell all setup with detection zones. They are all subscribed to the Cam Plus service and they are all set to “Person Detection”. I have Notifications set to notify me of “Wyze AI Events” only. This works GREAT! My issue is this, I will get a notification on my phone (Google Pixel 4a) and when I open it, it will not load the camera’s Live view. It seems pretty useless for me to see who is at my house minutes later by viewing the event. We all know Wyze notifications are already slow (more so with Wyze AI detection) so I here i am getting frustrated.

I have tried this with the cameras in HD, 360p (480p on the doorbell). I have reset my router, I have looked at my routers settings and tried assigning the Wyze cams QoS priority, I have turned QoS off. I have disconnected all the cameras but the doorbell and still get the same result. This is all while at home on the same network mind you.

To me it seems like I had no issue prior to the big AWS service outage. I was a happy Wyze camper before that then afterwards it seems that the cameras are now unreliable but in the afterwards.

Is anyone else having these issues? Does anyone have real help answers or suggestions? I keep threating my cameras and telling them that I am going to replace them. Now, I am getting real close to that point. HELP!

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The notifications are sent after the full event has recorded, not upon first instance of motion (this is because the recording has to end before being sent to the Wyze servers for the AI detection). So, the notification you get is directly tied to the recording.

When clicking on a Push Notification for a “Person Detected on _ Cam” it will always take you to the Event Clip Video recorded and AI tagged UNLESS the cam is still experiencing that very motion event that triggered that AI push notification. If the cam is still recording that event, then you go to live view. That is how Wyze has programmed it.

If it does take you to the clip playback event video because the event is over, you can click the live stream button to go directly to the cam, but that takes a lot of clicking and lost time, so whatever triggered the event might be gone by then.

I have also experienced an increased lag time for event notifications. The event recorded is over by the time I get the notification. I have posted about it, but have yet to get a definitive response. I can only speculate as to the cause. My theory is that the AI Interrogation Bot Server budget did not grow as fast as the marketing department budget and the resulting customer base. You can’t get more out of the hose unless you get a bigger hose!

One workaround I have found is to add my cams to my phone home page or an adjacent page using the widget. That way, when a notification comes in, I can go directly to the live stream of that cam with 1 click rather than open the notification and go thru several clicks.

Hope this helps! And… I hope Wyze tightens up the notification return times.

Thank you both for your responses but the issue is the live stream. It will not load when I receive the push notification. I see I may have not explained it well enough in my first post. I don’t understand why you all can not read my mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can be at home and receive a push notification on my cellular that a person is detected in the driveway at home. I click on that push notification immediately as it arrives and it takes me to the camera live stream because, as SlabSlayer mentioned, “the cam is still experiencing that very motion event that triggered that AI push notification. If the cam is still recording that event, then you go to live view”. However, in my case the live view does not load. If someone presses my Wyze Video doorbell button the chime goes off inside and I receive a push notification to my cellular. When I immediately tap that notification, no live view. It will not load. I just receive “Trying to connect” messages with an eventual error response. This process is so frequent that I do not even attempt to view the doorbell video anymore and go look through my peephole as if this was 1995.

I hope this helps explain my situation better.


I understand now and can’t give you a solution. Sorry.

I can tell you though that the most recent app update has some bug issues they are working on. Not sure if you updated recently. I also know they are actively working on the DBV1 issues as this has been a problem. Short of that, WiFi and carrier network issues could also cause load problems as well as an overloaded router. Other posts have described issues with accessing 2.4GHz WiFi cams from a 5GHz WiFi device on the same network.

There are a TON of things to rule out in order to troubleshoot the problem and I do not have the technical expertise to help you with that. Search the forums and you should be able to find a member who has dealt with this.

See these topics to read about the app updates:

This is a very interesting statement and one I have not considered.

it seems every version of the app has issues :blush: I am currently on the WyzeBeta 2.29.0.b112 which is the latest. I update all my cameras firmware with every new release and my router is a TP-Link AX6000 that is also updated. Not the newest router but not the cheapest on the market.

Thank you for the links and I will look into them. I am just vexed with these issues.

I have the same problem and have been trying to determine root cause. My cams are set to constant Recording to SD and I have CamPlus. When motion is detected, it takes a long time to get into LiveView and often times it fails. My suspicion is that the camera is getting overloaded processing the trigger, saving the clip to SD and also uploading the video to AWS, that it isn’t able to also process the live view request.

To help rule out wifi, I put my wireless router right beside the camera which didn’t help.

Hello everyone, does anyone know how to set the Alexa Echo show 5 routine to show live view automatically when motion detected by Wyze V3 cam ? i tried to set up the routine with Alexa for Wyze V3 cam to take action but the Alexa responses and Error message " This device is not currently supported " as the setup procedure was the same as the other Ring cam or blink cam? However, the Alexa will only show the live view occasionally if you ask her to show the live cam? Please advise…