Android Hotfix Released! - 3/9/22

Hi, Forum Friends!

We’re releasing Android hotfix version to fix the tablet crash issue. Sorry for the trouble! We’re also waiting for iOS review for 2.28.3 to remove the beta tag from the app name but don’t expect to release it today.

Read our Release Notes:


Does this version fix the app crash when trying to open events for all other versions of Android phone or just Samsung tablet?

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Well that was fast. All better now.
My compliments to the Rapid Response Team!


Thanks for confirming, @stevetom!

@wyzzz, I’m hoping this would fix it for everyone. Could you please give the update a shot and let me know if you still have trouble?


Good job! Working again, Thx


Many thanks for the fast fix. All good now!


All good now!! Thanks


Thank you, @kooladet, @cjb.dobbin, and @lcsjl! I told the team and they’re happy things are working better for you now! :smile:


So, if I am not using the app on an Android tablet, do I really need to update?


Not seeing the hotfix in the play store…is it available here somewhere?

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Just recieved a push notification that I must urgently update my app or cameras won’t work… No update on play store. Guess my cameras will just stop working?!

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I just got the push too. I’m on .102

The update (.111) is available on my Google Play Store, but I’m not updating till I review a couple days of feedback. Not after the now historic .109 disaster of '22. :scream: Still waiting for a Wyze response to @mvb

I’m already on .111 and I also got the notification, nothing new on the play store for me.

There are some folks that reported issues on Motorola and Pixel phones as well on If you’re having an OK experience right now on, though, you won’t see any changes going up to A fix for the crashing is the only thing included in this update.

THAT BEING SAID… If you’re below 2.28.1 (such as or older), please update ASAP or you will almost definitely have issues when the cloud storage changes are rolled back out in the near future. These versions cannot handle thumbnail events and have unclear UI for stuff relating to Cam Plus Lite and image/video toggles.


There is no update on the play store for me. I have a Z Flip 3 on Android 12.

I am on the Android beta version 2.29.0(110). Does this mean I am okay or not? doesn’t exist. I think you meant to say

According to the App Firmware Updates page, there is only one 2.28.2 update and one 2.28.1 update. (March 9. 2022)

  • Fixed a tablet crashing issue (March 7, 2022)

  • Added support for Cam Plus Lite
  • Added support for thumbnail images for Wyze Cam Events for compatible cameras. Video clips are still available for devices using Cam Plus Lite. (January 26, 2022)


This is very confusing and misleading. Everything is older than 2.28.1 as was just released 2 days ago and pulled.

Please clarify where the critical break point is.

This is a bit confusing, but the current Beta build of 2.29 came out before we made any of the fixes included in 2.28.1 and 2.28.2. Beta folks should receive an update sometime this week that will bring you to the 2.29 release candidate that includes those changes.

If you see any updates available, please update right away.

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Oh jeez, sorry, those version numbers were WAY off haha. Edited!

In short:

  • If you’re on 2.28.0 or below, you need to update.
  • If you’re on 2.28.1, you don’t need to update if you aren’t experiencing crashes in the Events page.
  • If you’re on 2.28.2, you’re fully up to date and good to go.
  • If you’re a beta user, no matter what version you’re on right now, make sure you update ASAP when you see an update available!