App & Firmware Updates - Released 5/28/2024

We are releasing a hotfix for the Wyze app today to fix a bug caused by enabling the Friendly Faces feature from a list. We are also releasing a firmware update for Wyze Car to improve security.

Read our Release Notes:


It’s odd, but updares scare me when eveything works fine. :scream:
Best of luck to us all.


I don’t mind normal scheduled updates too much. Hotfixes are another matter though. It usually means it skipped all beta testing and they sometimes seem to be based on an old version of the app that also undoes things included in the otherwise newest version or introduces a new unintended conflict.


Android updated to 2.50.6 (469). On the #$%^&* iPhone TestFlight showing current as 2.50.0 (73 days ago) and AppStore showing current as 2.50.7 (10) (3 days ago).

I’ll update the car in the next day or so,…


I am installing the app on my Android Device. Will install on iOS Shortly as well.

How did it go?

I’ve installed it on my Android phone. Nothing broke yet.

I’m hoping it fixes my V3 cameras automatically switching to “All Motion Events” randomly in Event Recording.

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Installed app of cell and tablet.

Cell no issues and I can see all cams.

Tablet made me re-authenticate 3 times. Third time was a charm. Got two notices of an unknown device but no big deal.

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Sorry for the delay. I had no issue with the install. Seems to be functioning fine

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No need to apologize. Thanks for the update.

App update works fine here as well.

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I installed the latest App on Android and IOS. Everything is working well for me. Still getting the”MicroSD Card Not Found” error on one v3 setup in March when trying to view Playback from the Events screen.

I still believe this bug was introduced in App versions November 15, 2023 and later because of this App note:

“Optimized in-app purchase flow“

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This is quite a puzzle. We both have the same app but it works differently on our devices.

An Android app update appeared this morning in Google Play:


Don’t see it listed on the Wyze Release Notes page:

or in a new topic in Wyze News . :person_shrugging:

So haven’t installed.


I installed it on some phones and tablets early this morning and it’s working fine so far.


Bueno. :slight_smile:


I just asked what IAP flow was in another thread.

Thanks for the quick answer.

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I just barely asked an AI what “IAP Flow” was too :joy:

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Ha ha. I am not alone.

BTW, I need to add an AI. Any you recommend?

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Depends on your primary usecase.

If I want accuracy and research with sources, Perplexity is hands down the best.

For coding stuff, I will use ChatGPT’s custom GPT devoted to that. Sometimes I will also ask Google Gemini and MS Copilot for second opinions and verification.

For uploading transcripts or large text for summaries I will use Claude.

If it’s about current events, etc, I will use MS Copilot.

For general questions, it kind of depends between copilot and Gemini, but they both have weird censorship issues sometimes where they refuse to answer a question and shut down the entire conversation and I don’t even know why half the time. Like I’ll be asking something that I don’t even think is controversial…sometimes they’ll even start to answer, get halfway through their answer, then erase it all and tell me they can’t talk about that. It’s really weird.

Overall, I’d say ChatGPT is the best now, especially with them upgrading the free version to allow access to GPT4o and custom GPTs which include really cool stuff. They also allow some cool customization and privacy controls. The only downside is the limitation on number of questions.

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