Wyze app hotfix - Released 4/2/2024

Hi, everyone! Today we are releasing a hotfix for the Wyze app that includes some improvements and bug fixes.

:notebook:Read our Release Notes:


Please list “Improvements and bug fixes”. What changed?


I was curious too, so I checked the release notes, but that’s all it says as well.

Kind of interesting to release a “Hotfix” without detailed release notes. Usually if something warrants a hotfix it means it was a high impact issue, but if it was a high impact issue, it usually warrants a specific description in the release notes. Very interesting that we got a hotfix (that didn’t go through Beta first) without a specific fix listed. :thinking: It only makes me more curious.

Mostly, I worry about Hotfixes bringing back old bugs that were previously resolved as happens sometimes with hotfixes.

I just installed it. If I notice anything different I’ll post back here with whatever I find.

I have a report from a user on Discord that the latest App here fixed the issues they were having with SD card playback on their Wyze Cam Pan V3. So that is likely one of the fixes. There might be some others like that included too. Just wanted to let people know what one of the improvements seems to have been.

Just got the install on my Android Device, will run a few tests


Since I am not sure what bugs were fixed, I decided to check the BCP Percent on Home Screen and it still is not present. So this release did not correct that issue.

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Again, typical Wyze. The “Playback” button on the pan cam V3 is no longer greyed out. But it results in an error message, “MicroSD card Not Found”.

Hmm, someone showed me a video of playback definitely working for them now (though it was a little choppy still). But it’s possible they accessed it from a different location than you tried (I can’t test with mine because I lent it out).

Did you try to access it from the Livestream page or the events page?

From the events page, the “Playback” button doesn’t work, gives “MicroSD card Not Found”. Android app v2.50.1(441)

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Weird, I just watched a video from someone on the same app version on Android getting it to work from the events page now when it didn’t used to work for them. I wonder why it got fixed for them and not everybody.

It’s too bad it didn’t fix it for everybody, but it’s good to know.

I am on the latest app version (hot fix) for Android, and can confirm that I am able to access SD card playback from both, livestream and event playback, on my Pan v3.

Admittedly, I never noticed an issue in the first place. It is not a cam I typically view my SD card clips on.

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What’s the firmware version of your pan V3? Is is

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My pan v3 is on this firmware version

This is really weird; same firmware, same app version and hopefully same back end and the results are different. On mine that “Playback” button does not work.

Android 14.

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One of my V3 camera exhibited the same “MicroSD card not found”. I think the last recording corrupted my microSD and the internal controller locked it up from further writes (I remember something similar happening to my dashcams).

In the end, I turned off the camera, removed the microSD card and formatted the microSD card on my phone. I turned it back on and inserted the microSD card back and it seems to be working again. It’s been only 3 days so hopefully it stays that way. If it causes issue again then I’m beginning to think my microSD might be dying.

The SD card works OK, since I can access and view its contents from the camera’s live view. This is an existing bug. It started as a greyed out button then the hotfix activated the button but now it doesn’t function properly when clicked.