Outdoor Cam NOT detecting or recording motion

Have an Outdoor cam looking at my driveway. Have a V2 cam looking at my driveway but from inside, behind a tinted window. During the day the V2 does a fine job, At night it can’t see a thing. Cant turn on IR lights because its behind glass. Mounted Outdoor Cam outside on wall above the window where V2 cam is. It is Off. Scheduled to Turn On at 8:30 pm and Off at 6:15am. Schedule works fine. However, it never captures any motion. The Outdoor Cam IR lights are turned off because the glare off of the roof eve washes out the whole image. But night vision is on and I can clearly see cars parked in neighbors driveway 380ft+ away! Several nights a cat crossed my driveway within about 12-14ft of the camera Solidly in the detection zone. But nothing detected, nothing recorded any time. My exterior motion lights see the cat and turn on. The V2 cam sees the change in light and then records the cat walking across the driveway. (but not the best recording because its behind glass at night). I noticed in the Outdoor settings for scheduling the Outdoor Cam there is turn Camera On and a Turn On Motion Detection. What’s the difference? Do I have to have two schedules? One to turn the camera on and another to turn on motion detection? BTW the Outdoor Cam detection setting are 98 for distance and 91 for sensitivity.


I have the same issue. Motion detection has only worked 4 times for my Outdoor cam. I think its a hardware defect because I have tried all of the available codes. Most likely a bad PIR sensor. No reponse from the case I opened. All my normal wyze cams work great, but the outdoor cam has been one big disappointment. I cant recommend it to anyone at this time. Please correct this issue Wyze Support!


Same here.
Got it setup this afternoon and the first person that walked by, detected person and recorded an event. Since then, nothing. I’m outside jumping up and down. Running around the driveway like an escapee… Nothing. Not sure what to try next??


be aware there is a user setting called “cooldown time” 5,3 or 1 minutes, to preserve battery life and not bombard you with repeat notifications - after the first notification from the outdoor cam, it will sleep for 5 mins ( default) before waking to observe and detect the next event

Same problem, it worked yesterday but not this morning. And, this resulted in finding that there’s no playback! You have to remove the SD card and put it in another device to view playback. Guess it’s back to NEST for outdoor cams…

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Mine aren’t recording or letting me change the detection zone. I’ve updated the firmware and I still get no events or notifications. I’m still waiting on some more SD cards from Amazon but if I have to remove the card to view playback I’m going to feel like I wasted some money because that means getting out a ladder every time.


Motion detection worked once during setup. The camera now detects no motion - does not record or send notification.


Same here. I got a few initial notifications when I first set it up. Now nothing.

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Same here. Nothing. Quite disappointed

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why no response I, for the life of me cannot understand why no company responses are posted in answer to the multitude of questions asked by customers… If answers WERE posted it would cut way down on duplicate questions by different customers… What in the world is going on with the companys thinking anyway???


Same here. Asked Wyze support and have had no response for two days. My Wyze Outdoor cam experience has been completely frustrating including buying Cam Plus and then finding out it does not work with the Outdoor model!!

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Get this guys, I had one of my indoor notifications turned off and that’s what was affecting the outdoor cams behavior. Now that I have it turned on, the outdoor cam sends me alerts just fine. See attached. Still doesn’t make sense to me though. image

It says if one of your other cams are off then outdoor cam won’t send alerts. How weird.

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That’s so obnoxious. A friend is borrowing one of my V2s right now and I turned off my notifications for that one. Having the outdoor cam notifications tied to the indoor is ridiculous.

IMHO, each device should be able to be configured independently of any other devices and any changes to that camera should in no way affect the settings of other cameras

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Hope they fix this with a firmware update otherwise I am returning it.

This is not the correct interpretation of the manual - if you have “send notifications” off on that camera, but have motion or low battery turned on, you will not get those notifications- it does not affect other devices IMHO

Can you re-word that? What you just said cancels out your point i think. One camera affects the other or does it not?

Jeff - I’m not the original poster - I’m just commenting on my reading of the manual and my experience with the cameras as an owner of V2 and outdoor cams
In fact I just turned off notifications on an indoor V2, and walked by my 2 outdoor cams, I got both outdoor notifications

I also just tried testing this, I went so far as to turn off notifications on everything BUT my outdoor cams and I still received notifications from the outdoor cams.

Must be a glitch then. Mine isn’t work that way.