Outdoor Programming Unsuccessful - Help

Trying to get my outdoor cam(using indoor) to detect and record motion. Contacted support, no luck with suggestions.
I have the camera sitting on a window sill inside pointing through the glass at a stairway approaching my condo. I want to record any motion 24/7. I had SD cards in both camera and base station. The camera detects motion shown by the green box around movement. I have Event Recording =On, Recording Cool Down = 1 min, Back up to Base Staion = on, Notifications all on, Detection Zones = set, schedule/Automations = start time(present), no end time, every day checked. When I walkpast the camera I see the greem motion box. No recorded video shows in app.
Wyze support sent me down the “Schedule Recording” rabbit hole, no success. I particularly do not understand the function of “Duration” unles it is for straight recording i.e no stop and start.

I have been a long time Wyze customer. I own the door lock, pan camera, 3 model 1/2, 3 model 3, 2 outdoor Cams, several lights and 9 plugs which I have become disapointed with. If my router reboots none of the switch’s reconnect. Talked to support several times, only solution was to replace with units that do the same. I am also in the market for a new door lock. Can Wyze solve these problems?


Gonna point out a few things from this statement.

The pir detection system does not work through glass. Any of the other Wyze cams that have “pixel detection” do work by detecting pixel change in frame (green boxes stuff motion tagging). The WCO is “asleep” until the pir detection system detects heat, then wakes the camera up. If you looking straight at glass, it can’t wake up and stays “asleep”. This is a battery saving function. If you want a camera in this spot I’d suggest a v3.

Next. The WCO does not record 24/7, because again it is a battery camera. If you want 24)7 continuous recording, I’d suggest a v3.

Next, when you are live viewing the wco, the “motion detection” system is disabled, so no events will be saved anyways when you are connected live to the camera.


Thanks for the clear, coherent explanation. To bad I left an extra Model 3 at home in Massachusetts.

You wouldn’t want to take a shot at my 9 plugs not reconnecting after router shutdown would you😁?

Thanks for the explanation,

I will!
Have you tried power cycling (unplug, wait 5 seconds and plug back in) each plug?
If that doesn’t work, try factory resetting the plugs.
Let me know how it works!

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Yes, if I unplug and replug them they do reconnect. But it is a pain to run around the house move furniture etc. to reactivate all 9 of them. I also have 2 Wemo’s that do not have this problem.

Are you trying to do scheduled event recording or just a regular recording anytime there is movement ? I believe the scheduled event recordings and scheduled continuous recordings on the WCO are recorded to the SD card in the camera and they will not show up on the app because they didn’t go to the cloud server. As stated above it doesn’t work well through the glass. You could set a time for scheduled continuous recording to the SD in the camera but you will be recharging your camera battery a lot unless you just leave it plugged in since it is indoors… Then you have to take the SD card out of the cam to view it. V3 is the best idea.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I will switch to a V3 camera.

While you are waiting for your V3 to arrive just give scheduled continuous recording a try just for the hell of it. I haven’t done it but the schedule has days, hours and minutes. Since the PIR isn’t required to wake the cam for continuous recording maybe you will see something interesting outside the window recorded on the SD. Just leave the cam plugged in and let it go and probably, turn off the IR lights so they don’t reflect off the window. The biggest drawback is that you would have to remove the SD card to view it on a PC or other device. Have some fun with it while you are waiting for the V3. Just a thought…