Outdoor Cam Won't Sense Motion Through Glass

There are two Outdoor Wyze Cams in our family in different cities. I realize the camera is intended for outdoor use; however, it can be used indoors as well. Motion sensing works well, but neither one of us can get the camera to detect any motion if it is pointed through a window/glass. We’ve tried different angles, elevated the camera to ensure the motion sensor is not blocked, tried all different sensor settings, etc. Has anyone had luck using Outdoor Cam through glass? If so, please share your secret to success. As a side note other Wyze Cams, including Pan Cam, and v2 Cams will detect motion through glass.
Thanks for your help.

It does not detect motion through glass.

V2 uses an image based algorithm so as long as it can see the image, it can trigger motion.

Outdoor uses PIR which is a physical sensor that detect IR light emitted by heat source, therefore, it does not work through glass.


It would nice if Wyze would include that information somewhere in the set up instructions. Perhaps we missed that. Thanks for answering.


I noticed the same issue on the outdoor cam v2 where events don’t get triggered when viewed through glass. However I noticed that the motion tagging does work through glass as the green rectangle is clearly visible and tracks moving subjects. Are there plans to update the software so that ‘events’ could be triggered by motion tagging instead of PIR?

Part of the PIR detection is that is allows the camera to be in a state of “sleep” or low power until the pir detects movement then it turns on the rest of the camera and starts recording. This helps the battery in the camera last as long as it can.


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If you have the need to place your cam behind glass and you have a power source for it, you may want to consider a V3 cam. I have 3 of these recording through windows. They do quite well at activating on motion. There are drawbacks though. Infrared Night Vision can’t be used because it reflects off the glass and washes out the image and they don’t do well with direct sunlight ;because of the glass glare.