Wyze cam outdoor does not detect motion

I have my camera pointing towards my porch and WCO does not capture motion exactly near the gate. The right 20% of the frame does not detect motion at all. Even if I go stand near the gate and move around in the 20% of the frame near the right hand edge, there is no motion detected. The sensitivity is cranked up high to 100%. Funnily enough it has a lot of false wakes when there is movement outside of the green zone after my fence.
I had submitted a ticket with #807559 to support and nobody has got back to me since 5 days, beating their own SLA of 72 hours.
I am losing trust in Wyze, their technology (referring to the sensors going offline saga) and their leadership.

Hey @gooday,

Thanks for making a post about this issue on the forums. First, let’s start with the basics.

  1. Have you updated your camera to the latest firmware? If not, I recommend you do. Sometimes, there are bugs that require a update to be fixed on your end.
  2. Have you restarted your camera? If so, have you also tried a complete reset (unplug, remove the device from your Wyze account, and setup again)?

Currently, zones are limited to that one box. A suggestion would be to relocate the position of the camera, that may help get that area covered more efficiently. You should also orient the camera in a way that it does not pick up too much traffic/nature-motion.

You should reply to the ticket you made (the email they sent you confirming the ticket), that way you can make sure it didn’t get lost in the system.

Let us know how it goes,



Hi Ken,

  1. Yes, this issues has been going on for a while and I have updated the base and camera multiple times to the latest firmware and no fixes have come through.
  2. I have tried doing that with no help.
    I have located the camera multiple times to get the right angle to cover all the zones I need in the box, but the issue is detection within the box does not work as advertised. Leading to a bad and mostly useless experience.
    I have replied to the email thread 2 days ago asking for a response but I have not heard back.

Hey again @gooday,

I think you should wait for a response from Wyze to see if they can send out a replacement or offer a solution to this issue. They are experiencing sky-high support request volumes so you should expect some delays.

I hope you get it resolved soon,


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You should look into this article: Wyze Cam Outdoor - Not recording motion - Troubleshoot with WYZE - #159 by WyzeDongsheng



Thanks but as with anything with Wyze these days the video posed by @WyzeDongsheng does not work. I thought it was ad blocker but then tried on multiple devices and browsers without ad blocker. The video seems to have expired and all I see is a thumbnail, it is just a 0 mins video. It is sad I have to wait for a long time to hear back from support, I know you are just another user just like me, so appreciate you taking time to respond @kenner