Unable to get detection working at night

I started with the V2 near the front door, but it can’t be outside and doesn’t work through glass. With IR on, the reflection blasts out anything outside. With IR off, everything is black. If I can get the problem below resolved, I may get a V3 and put outside.

I just got a V3 for over my driveway mounted near the top of the gable over the garage door. I finally got it to not issue too many false alarms during the day, but at night, car lights constantly trip it. U.S. cars have lights that can be seen from the side. They reflect off plants, fence and the cars parked in my driveway. I have the zone as small as it can go, and I set the motion detection sensitivity set at 3, sound off. It still triggers at many of the cars that pass by the house. It was dark and just showed a black screen, but the site suggested small lights. I turned the ceiling light in the garage on providing more light than needed. But I can’t stop it from triggering false alarms. Hopefully, someone has a solution, because now both are useless.

Clark Gregory, SC

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I have the exact same issue. During the day my camera motion works great but at night every car that even drives by trips the motion. I have the motion zone very small now but it still sees the reception of the lights on the vehicle. I even set the sensitivity to 1 and it didn’t make a difference. Junk. Motion on my Wyze doorbell works fine.

Unfortunately, the only way to prevent this is to position the camera facing away from the lights that are triggering it. Probably not doable. The other option which would help is an outdoor motion sensor that uses PIR, again not an option with the Wyze sensors since they are indoors only. I have one mounted above my door outside, but it is protected from the weather.