Connection and Motion Detection Alerts after it gets dark.

iOS 11.3 iPhone 6S+

app 1.3.104


My wyzecam is located outside, covered next to my front door. No moisture or temperature issues (I’m in california)

It seems that after it gets dark, I have trouble connecting. For some reason, it’s really bad at night. If I power cycle the cam, I can usually connect immediately after that. But after connecting a couple of times after that, I’ll have trouble connecting again and need to reboot. This issue is less prominent during the day.

Also, the v2 cam is not detecting any motion at night. Three nights in a row I tested this and there’s no alerts. It looks like motion detection works and records to my SD, but I get no alert and no cloud recording. Sound alerts do work. Motion Alert setting on with highest sensitivity.

I have the issue. I have the Wyze camera outside under my gutter well protected. But for some reason when the sun sets, I lose the motion detection, I have tested many times, but I had no luck.

Notice the same issue around motion detection. Using the app on an android phone.

I’ve been testing this indoors and see the same behavior. No notifications after lights out and if I walk around. Bug or feature?

seems mods and wyze folks are selectively replying to threads… both here and on reddit :frowning:

Hello everyone! This is currently a known issue.

Behavior of the bug should be as follow:

1.Notifications work during day light with night vision set to Auto

2.Notifications do not work during the night with night vision set to Auto

3.Notifications do work during the night with night vision set to On


Please let me know if you have any issues getting motion detection to work with night vision set to On, as this will be a different issue.


Great… acknowledgement :slight_smile:

so is the workaround to just set night vision to On every night and Off in the morning?

Is a fix on the way? If so any ETA? where is it on the priority list? do you need testers?


Correct for the work around.

There is a fix coming, they are still researching the bug. Since I am able to repo it in the office we do not need to request information from users. I do not currently have an ETA on this, but it is high priority so I am hoping to have more news on this in the near future.


I have made a note for myself to follow up as I get more information for you!

Thank you

<p style=“text-align: left;”>Just tested it by turing the night vision from auto to on. Now it detects motion in night vision. Hope there is a fix soon</p>

Latest firmware beta seems to have fixed this in auto move.


Yep! Thank you for letting everyone know.


If anyone continues having this issue after firmware update please let me know!

As of the latest Beta firmware it is looking like it should be fixed. If you are apart of the Beta and this update does not correct it for you please let me know!