Ready For The Trash

The only reason my Wyze Cam V2 isn’t in the trash is because my wife keeps talking me out of it.
I have the latest release software I have re-re-re booted. I have a new router and resynced it multiple times.


  1. Records activities outside the detection zone. Especially at night like light reflection on the grass. I have changed and saved the detection zone many many times. I finally had to turn the notification off. Motion detection sensitivity is set at 50% and sound detection is turned off.

  2. I can’t play any night time recording regardless of time of night. It starts to play at 1-2 seconds into playing I get the infinite circle like it’s trying to load. No matter how long I wait it never loads. Daytime plays fine.

  3. As indicated above records outside the detection zone but when delivery man walked up the drive straight at the camera within 8 feet in the daytime it didn’t record him. And no it wasn’t in a cool down stage. It hadn’t detected anything for over an hour.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting notified for nothing and not being able to see what’s important.

Any help is greatly appreciated.