Alert Notifications Stop After Dusk

I have two new v2 cameras. Firmware is v The software is the latest beta. For the last two mornings I’ve noticed that the alert notifications end at dusk. Most likely ending when the day/night auto setting switches to night mode. This morning, just before dawn I manually switched to day vision, then back to auto, and the alerts started activating.

Push Notifications are ON, Alert Settings to Motion Detection ON, High Sesitivity, All Day ON, and a Custom Motion Detection Zone.

I pretty sure the problem began the night after I joined the beta testing and installed the beta software. The camera night alerts were working prior to that. If no other suggestions, this evening I will manually switch to night mode ON and see if that makes a difference. I don’t see any other user complaints on this issue here, but there are some on the Reddit/Wyzecam forum:


Same issue. All 4 cams detect motion in NV mode, track it fine with the green boxes, and record is all to SD. However, only notify and upload 12 second clips in daylight. I can stand in front of the cam waving my arms in NV mode and nothing is alerted or uploaded.

I opened a ticket with support about 30 minutes ago.



please keep us updated on status/resolution as I’m having this issue also.