Alerts from outdoor cam stopped, all other cameras still send alerts

My outdoor cam stopped sending notifications last week. It is still recording events, but not alerting me. I have three indoor Wyze cameras and they still send alerts. Is anyone else having this trouble?
Thanks in advance!

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I’m having the same issue with multiple cameras in my house

Same with me -4 Wyze CamV2’s.

I had the same problem with my outdoor cam not sending notifications. My fix was deleting an existing rule that I had associated with my Wyze sense and my outdoor cam. In my case if a door opened cam would record. Once deleted my notifications returned.

Same exact problem, same timeframe. I don’t have any rules associated, though. I’ll start from scratch this weekend, reloading app and reconnecting all cams. If that doesn’t work I’m out of ideas.

I don’t have any rules associated with mine either. I got one alert yesterday and then no more after that. I haven’t had time to go through all the steps of reloading and reconnecting yet. Kind of frustrating.

Very frustrating, especially since I ordered two more outdoor cams being delivered tomorrow. Not great timing. I’ll post if my reinstall from the ground up works.

I had the same problem with my outdoor cameras. It all started after I updated the base. I figured out that when I take my cameras of CamPlus that I get notifications again. I’ve kept them off CamPlus and I haven’t had a problem anymore.

Same issue regarding Cam Plus notifications. I too removed Cam Plus from this cam and notifications working again. Hopefully a fix will be released ASAP.

Same here! I had two outdoor cameras and everything was fine. Purchased a third, ran updates on all three cameras and base station, and now…no notifications. Has anyone heard from Wyze on this issue??

drrerod’s post above is correct. Once I turned off the CamPlus, event notifications came back on line. I hope they have a fix for this issue soon.

Im not getting notifications or if i get a notification it doesn’t show up on the log to review.this on v2 and outdoor.the doorbell is on camplus trial and ok

They remove last firmware file ,is exactly the same i have, hopefully they come with a fix soon,anyway to go back on previous firmware?

I can also confirm that notifications stop once cam plus is turned on. I have a version three and notifications were working fine up until cam plus was tied to the cam. With that said, I do see videos in my events. Hopefully WYZE will be able to address soon.

I turned my cam plus off earlier today. I didn’t get a notification on the first event after that, but I did on the next two. I do hope they will fix soon!

In the event log ,unselect any of the filters like person, pet etc,it start working normally for me

Notifications are still broken. Very nice of Admin to continue ignoring this issue. As usual.

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