Notifications? What notifications?

3 chats, 4 service calls (Trish, Lisa, Michael, Alice), 4 service log numbers, countless hours searching app settings (both phone and Wyze) and searching this forum and I still have no answer as to why my notifications suddenly quit.

Outdoor V2 and OG. I was very happy with this system for about 8 days.

Now I can’t recommend it to anyone. Not looking for help here. If I hear contact a service rep one more time my head will explode. If I hear “we will pass the problem on to our technicians” one more time I’ll lose my mind.

Just a long rant before I walk these cameras out to the dumpster.

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Yes I would move on

I don’t have any outdoor cams, but I did have an issue recently with two OG Cams that are on Cam Plus. They were previously set to record and upload all motion activated videos and tag for AI, however I only had notifications set for AI tags. The cams were uploading all motion videos, but stopped tagging any AI so I also stopped getting notifications. I submitted logs for the cams and asked for a Wyze Dev to take a look and it was fixed the next day.

I can’t say if your issue may be similar, but it may be worth investigating:

  1. Are the cams subscribed to Cam Plus?
  2. Are these cams uploading Motion Events to the Events tab?
  3. Are the events being tagged AI?

Just trying to pin down if it is an upload issue or a server notification issue.

Cam Plus - yes, both.
Uploading moton detection - yes
No idea what tagging for AI is or looks like.

Are the events that are being uploaded to the server and listed in the events tab being tagged as Person, Vehicle, Pet, Package? Those are the Wyze AI tags. Or, are they all just standard motion events?

Do you have the Smart AI Detection for these turned on within the Event Recording settings for each cam?

Do you have notifications turned on in each cam for All Other Motion Events or just for the Smart AI: Person, Vehicle, Pet, Package?

Same here. For a couple months now. My home security worked fine for about 8 months. One day I started getting a ding noise coming out of the sense hub whenever a door would open. At the same time I stopped getting notifications. In the app I can see the events such as motion or doors opening or camera events but nothing pops up on my phone and there is no notification sound. This happened when wyze started talking about an upcoming scheduled maintenance. I discussed this with two different reps at Wyze and absolutely nobody has got in touch with any possible solution.

I already tried resetting the hub and I deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled. I turned off notifications and turned on. Absolutely no change whatsoever. Just the weird ding sound that I never had for the eight months when everything was working fine.

That would be the entry sensor tone, whenever a contact sensor opens the hub will make a tune. Go to the monitoring tab > home monitoring settings > tune settings > and select the contact sensors and toggle the entry tone of that’s what you choose so

What type of notifications? Push notifications? Like you’re not getting any notifications at all from all of your devices or the app?

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No notifications whatsoever. Everything went from working properly without any single issue for 8 months. Then boom, nothing. I’ve spent hours trying to toggle options everywhere on my phone with no results.

What troubleshooting steps have you done ?

And what device are you on , android or iPhone ?

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I have been noticing an issue the past week or 2 as well. I have CAM plus on one camera. It’s not doing notifications like before. I checked to make sure I was still subscribed, and I am. It seems to be missing events’ and not putting notifications out. Also, most of the ones that it does capture are around 12 sec.

Uninstalled everything and started from scratch & still the same thing, only a ding at the hub when a door sensor is triggered. And of course I messaged two different Wyze reps and they offered no help. When I go into the app to check events it DOES show everything that took place.

I also purchased cam Plus service hoping that would fix things but it didn’t so I canceled it after a few weeks.

In the home tab, check the top right bell icon and make sure the notifications are on. If they’re off, their will be a slash through the bell icon. Tap on it to unmute them.

Go to account > notifications > and make sure push notifications are toggled on.

What device are you using, iphone or Android?

Have you confirmed that the Android OS notification settings for the Wyze App are turned on and not currently snoozed or silenced?

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