Notifications have stopped working on all 6 Wyze cams

What is up with notifications on the Wyze Cam. I have 6 cams and the last two days, they will not send notifications. I have been using Wyze Cams for 2 years and this is the first time this has happen. Also noticed other issues the last two days.

+1 This is a major problem!!!

Yes…and no way to contact customer service to discuss the issue. When they sell a 24/7 product, they need to have 24/7 customer service…anything less is just bad business and will have no real future. Problem I see with Wyze is they are developing other products and letting the camera issues fall to the side. Company trying to get too big too fast and will be the downfall when they don’t or can’t support their products. Contacted two of my friends this morning and they are also having the same issues.

Just turned ON Detects Motion under Event Recording.
Turned ON Notifications and set “Wyze AI Events” & “All Other Motion Events” to ON.
Walked by the camera and no notifications sent but video was captured under Events. The green box on View Playback tracked my movement. This used to work several months ago.
I just set off a motion sensor and the notification was sent, but No Sensor Video captured is shown on the sensor page … maybe due to Wyze’s “cool down period”.
V2 Camera purchased Sep '19 with Active Subscription (Pilot) showing for this camera.

Personally I think the problems began when they rolled out the Cam Plus software. I had no issues until I purchased Cam Plus. Interesting…something we are now paying for is not working (in my humble opinion) :man_facepalming:

Not at all surprising given Wyze’s loooong history of haphazard and substandard software and firmware testing.

:man_facepalming: I agree…

Are you still experiencing this issue? I’ve had the same problem with my Outdoor Cams for almost 2 weeks now. I submitted a support ticket with a log and was told they are supposedly working on an app update to address this issue. I’m paying for Cam Plus as well. In addition, I’ve noticed the cameras don’t record every event. Seems they capture about 75% of them. Very frustrating to say the least!

No I am not experiencing this issue. What version of firmware are you using? I recommend that you use cam and base. I have 4 outdoor cams all on cam plus and have no issues with notifications or recordings. I tried a new version of firmware about 2 weeks ago and had the problem with the same “no notification” issue so I changed back. Just because it is new firmware doesn’t mean it is good or better. Yesterday and today they issued new firmware for cam and base and already there are issues. wait until there is a stable reliable release.