No notifications for Wyze can 2 for 24 hours. Any help?

Wyze Cam2 no notifications for 24 hours? Is there an outage? I have restarted cams and done a hard restart as well as updating firmware and restarting my iphone. Any tips or info?


Do you have cam plus on this devices? Try removing it and adding it back again to the cam plus license.

Also, check the event recording and notification settings in the cam. You may need to disable and reenable them.

Are you getting events in the events tab, just no notifications?


I do not have cam plus. I have toggled the events and notifications on and off as well as restarting with them off and then turning them on after the restart. It is not recording events or giving notifications. I have 6 cams and they are all behaving the same way.

Alright, could you get a log from the cam. Go to it’s settings > Wyze support > submit a log. Post the log number here please. Thanks!

Mine began working correctly sometime this morning. It fixed itself during the night.