Detection & Notification out of control

Cannot believe Wyze cannot get a handle on various detection and notification setting. I have 2 out door cams with same firmware - one of them shows - under notification - Wyze AI events, the other shows Motion and sound detection only. Why?

Looks like if I want to get notification on GDC, I have to disable all other camera else I get Constant pinging (even with bug flying around).

I don’t want to talk about Cam2 - they are different ball game all together.

I don’t mind going all cam plus, if there is a package deal of $9/mo for all devices like Blink, Ring offers. This is a deterrent to add more cameras the the system

It’s becoming uncontrollable.

For the “Wyze AI events” to show up under Notifications, your camera must have a Cam Plus license attached.

Are both your outdoor cams have Cam Plus license attached?

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Yes both my Cam3 are enrolled in Cam Plus service.

It’s not still functioning on the two-week trial license is it?

Nope. I had the Cam V3 for well over a year. They are on yearly subscription to Cam Plus

Could you try following steps and let me know if you are able to see the Wyze AI Notifications back:

  1. Go to Account/Services/Cam Plus
  2. Unassign Cam Plus license from your V3 that is missing the option
  3. Assign the license back
  4. Launch the app again.
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Thanks. Yes that worked. Still wondering why I had that behavior to begin with. Here is what I saw before I did unassign and re-assign

I completely agree, it seems since I went to cam plus nothing works even remotely correct anymore. I am pretty invested, 7 cameras, 2 locks and a thermostat but I’m thinking of switching to ring, where I had started with the old doorbell. Never had any issues with that.
Now my cam v3 detects everything on my wifes app every two mins it goes off, not on mine. I shut it down to reboot now I can reboot it it won’t recognize the barcode.

Hi Mettur. Just want to quickly check one thing. Before you re-assign camplus license and fixed that “No AI events” issue, were you able to get any notifications or view any events? When you view events were those “motion only” with only 12s viewing time? Or there still were purple labels with “person” or “vehicle” on the event page? Thanks!