Using current version Outdoors

I have two cameras for outdoor use. One of them covers my front porch to alert me and save a clip when someone comes to my front door.

I have experienced the following issues and was hoping someone might have solutions.

I have motion trigger set for specific area to eliminate false triggers, however, after dark if a car drives by and shines the lights on my porch it triggers an event. It records and sends me a notification.

Also at night the cameras trigger motion events when a bug flies by. In the summer there are LOTS of them. I dialed down the sensitivity as much as possible but if the bug flies right in front of the camera it triggers of course.

Not sure if there are any solutions to this. It’s very annoying lol.

I doubt there is much you can do about either of those. I’m sort of in the same boat. I run a computer controlled light show every night, so during most of the year there are about 85 channels of lighting that are changing regularly. BTW, for Christmas last year it was 5,489 lights being controlled as 5,551 lighting channels - for this year, both those numbers go up by about an order of magnitude. I just accept that I will have motion triggers going off all evening. Once I get cameras permanently mounted (in test mode currently to see what I like) I MAY be able to limit at least the non show season alerts - especially if Wyze gives the ability to have non-rectangular motion alert areas. For Christmas show season, there is NOTHING I can do about it…

According to what I read WYZECAM doesn’t detect motion like a traditional motion detector where a beam is sent out and once broken it triggers the motion detector, as I understand WYZECAM detect motion by analyzing pixels change in brightness and that is why the light shinning on your porch alert zone triggers the alert just like on a sunny day a cloud goes by my alert zone and I get an alert, remember this is just a $20 camera

Hello K6CCC,

Intriguing, do you have any of your light shows posted on youtube?

I’m really bad at getting around to editing the videos and getting them onto the website, so there is only one from several years ago. A friend of mine (who does it semi-professionally) shot the one on the website with four camera angles and edited it together. There is a bunch of photos of the setup there too. A lot of it was done to help other lighting people, so that’s the primary target.

That was awesome, thank you for sharing… you did a great job! I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into that…

Thank you! And trust me, you don’t want to know how many hours go into that! Major changes this year, so I started the sequencing changes in February…

We get false motion detection as well. We’ve reduced the instances by reducing the size of the sensing area and have backed off the sensitivity to 10. Those two adjustments made a big difference :slight_smile:

Hey @donjunkbox,

How do you like to enclosure for the camera? What are your thoughts PROS/CONS.

Does this product work well with the camera?

How does it hold up against moisture/heat/humidity.

How is the 2 way audio




Hmmm, that lake looks SO familiar. Which one is it? I was slipped in Pleasant, and have been to most of the others.


Don’t you know bugs like to be on camera as much as people do?

Flaco (2.23 MB)

I heard that the new outdoor version of Wyzecam is going to have a bug repellent reservoir with the spray triggered by the motion sensor. “OFF!” not included. :slight_smile:

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