Snow triggers motion detection

I have two wyze cam set up outdoors. One outside of my garage, one outside of front door. When it snows, the snow flake constantly triggers motion detection, no matter how low the sensitivity I set, so I have to turn off motion detection when it snow.
Could Wyze develop a separate outdoor motion detection setting to eliminate false alert caused by snow, bugs etc.?


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Wyze is currently developing an outdoor camera that will use passive IR motion sensing instead of pixel based sensing as is done in the current versions. You can read more about and vote for it here:


This is the downside of using an indoor camera outside. I’m guilty myself with all of mine being outdoors. I am patiently waiting for the new release of the software that will allow me to turn off the onboard IR lights and rely on a separate IR source for each camera. If I’m right, and that is yet to be determined, the onboard IR lights make the snowflakes (insects down here) really bright and really big since they are right in front of the camera and having a light source several feet away will minimize that effect. Plus there are many other benefits of having enhanced IR lighting.

This is still a problem with the new V3 camera :frowning:

Just installed today and I keep lowing the sensitivity… down to 60 now.
I do not want to turn on “people detection” since I would love to capture critters of the night if they come to visit.

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You can use a separate IR source and this is not an issue. It’s only an issue with the built in IR lights, because the IR from the camera reflects right back into the lens.

Thanks for the input. Adding a separate IR is not really what I hope to do. It seems like some processing of the image could eliminate this issue. My Ring Doorbell does not alert me for snow so I am sure Wyze can figure this out as well.

Certainly a big letdown with the V3 and snow / rain at night with the IR on. It is basically unusable at night with IR on if it rains or snows no matter how low I set the sensitivity. I set motion sensitivity to 1 and still get 20 plus notifications per hour in a rain storm at night. Snow is the same. Just unacceptable. Hopefully an upcoming software update will improve, otherwise they are pretty useless when you want to see at night with IR on.


Wyze. Please fix the snow.

I have flurries almost nightly and motion alerts are useless. I keep turning down the sensitivity but useless. Seems like it should be easy to fix.

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Bugs and rain at night are the same, non-stop notifications even with sensitivity at 1. Had to turn them off at times.

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I bought one too & cannot use the IR at night when snowing, raining & bugs. Sounds like we are all SOL until they go from pixel change detection to physical motion detection. If it would be done soon, I’d stick with wyze & put this one (Pixel detection) inside & the other (motion detection) outside. Otherwise we have to begin with a new brand system. Sounds like there is no date for that to release, so for exterior use, I recommend going with a different brand right now.

Hi @affordablesignservic

Two things that may help you with this:

  1. By subscribing to any of the three levels of Cam Plus, you would have Person Detection. This would allow you to turn off all notifications except for detected persons. That may help your current situation. Cam Plus Lite is name your price, including $0.

  2. The Wyze Cam Outdoor uses IR based motion sensing which should not be affected by leaves and rain.

Neither of those two options is a solution though. If you have a few outdoor cameras your internet is getting clogged with useless uploads of snow or rain on a continuous basis. Many may not realize their pings and overall internet performance is affected by these cameras and their constant upload in this situation. Those that have Xfinity or similar internet services do not have the same upload speed as down, often upload is very restricted compared. A few cameras trying to upload at the same time is a real problem for others that may need reasonable pings for gaming or similar.

The only real solution for a v2 is to disable on camera infrared and use a separate infrared spotlight. At least with the V3, the extra reflected light from the snow on the ground is usually enough to illuminate the scene well enough without needing to be in night vision mode.

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As of Dec 8 2023 I installed 2 outdoor Wyze floodlights with v3 cams. Both still endlessly get triggered and turn on floodlights no matter how low I put down the sensitivity.

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Yeah they do that. Endless notifications with the IR leds onwith rain or snow and settings don’t help.