Wyze Cams (V2 and Outdoor) recording TOO MUCH motion

My problem is that I’m getting motion notifications triggered by rain and wind moving leaves. How can I dial back the sensitivity for motion detection? (this even sometimes happens with person detection).
I’ve tried playing around with the sensitivity slider but I’m not noticing much if any difference.


Unfortunately, that’s the nature of software based pixel detection, particularly when a camera is looking outdoors. Since there is no actual PIR motion detector in the camera, the software just looks for pixel changes in the image and tags that as motion. Indoors, it isn’t as much of a problem since there aren’t things like leaves, bushes, and clouds moving in the wind, or rain, snow or bugs like you mentioned. Cameras that use an actual PIR motion sensor have a lot less false triggers since they look at a combination of heat and movement. The battery powered Wyze Cam Outdoor uses a PIR motion sensor.

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