Outdoor Cam detects motion ONLY while live streaming

Looking for assistance and/or advice in getting my outdoor camera to record motion events and send notifications.

I have an outdoor camera located about 35 feet from a sidewalk that I would like to detect motion on and send a notification. This outdoor camera does not detect people walking on the sidewalk.

I watched the video Wyze posted in this forum on outdoor cam motion sensing and notifications.
These settings are enabled on my outdoor camera:

  • Event recording: detects motion enabled
  • Notifications enabled: motion events and low battery
  • Detection settings: distance set to Far (100), sensitivity set to high (100), detection zone on, only sidewalk areas enabled

What I find strange is that while watching the live video from the outdoor camera and I see someone walk by, I will receive a notification and be able to view the recorded event.

I have never had any issue watching live video. The app connects to the camera every time.

How do I know that someone walked by and I didn’t get notified? I have a v3 camera that also captures the sidewalk from a different angle.

This video from the v3 camera did not result in an event capture on the outdoor camera:

Seems simple enough that the outdoor camera should sense the motion, record the event, and send me a notification. But it doesn’t, unless I happen to be watching the live video.

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This might be at to far of a distance for the pir to catch the movement and wake the camera up. If you wave your hand close infront of the camera when you arent live streaming or connected to it, does that trigger motion?


The PIR detects the motion when the camera is live streaming.

Why wouldn’t that same motion wake the camera up?

The camera uses the PIR sensor to wake up as @Omgitstony said. The notification pictured is a Wyze AI (person) notification, not a regular motion notification.
When the camera is woken up by the PIR sensor it will record and send the video to the Wyze cloud and (in your case) AI. The AI will only work when the camera is woken up. In this instance the camera is already woken up by the livestream so the AI is able to “look” at the video and send a notification for a person.
Have you tried waving your hand to test the PIR sensor yet?

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Have you tried waving your hand to test the PIR sensor yet?

I was finally able to test the PIR sensor by waving my hand in front of the camera. Doing so did not trigger a recording event.

Where is the PIR sensor located on the camera?

The PIR sensor is located on the bottom of the camera

Have you tried flipping the switch on the back off, then on to power cycle the camera?
Are you sure the camera is set to record?

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My East side outdoor cam likes FedEx and UPS trucks at 50 feet. People detection seems to work to about 20-25 feet for my cams.


When you do this, watch the status light on the back of the camera, what does it do? Is the light red already before you wave? Does it not turn on at all?

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Light is off/dark. Wave hand in front and the light blinks blue a few times, then is solid blue for about 10 seconds, then goes dark.

No event recorded in app, no notification.

Yes, I turned power off and then back on before testing as described in previous post.

Here are my recording settings.

It it flashes blue and then turns solid blue it sound to me like it is recording. On the events page did you clear the filters on the top? Tap camera and or cameras top right, another page will open, go to the bottom and tap show results, anything???

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Yes, filter set only to this Outdoor camera.

That camera is on Cam Plus correct? You could temporarily remove CP from that cam and try it out without CP. You can then activate plus again if no change. I did that about 8 times with my cams trying to solve another issue. I decided to have the CP removed from all my WCO. I now use scheduled event recording set currently for 10 days, no cooldown and max video length of 2 min. It works great still get the notifications plus if I need to I can take the SD card out and view the entire video. The events page only show a 12 second clip but if motion continues the cam will keep recording to the SD until the motion stops. Yo have a strange issue :upside_down_face:

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Last idea I have; Open the cam settings, go to notifications, go down to the bottom and tap event recording in green and see if that does anything to help you out.


Also make sure your sensitivitys are cranked to 100. Once we get this working we can back it down from there. The flashing blue is the camera waking up, solid blue is connected, so it is reacting to the event.

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It’s generally been my experience that with anything that leans on the network, that’s the culprit. Just make sure that your wifi isn’t Google or some other disaster, and ensure that the cam is close enough to the base to be useful.

I have the same issue with my outdoor cam, this is not resolving with the answers thus far.

Which outdoor cam, version one or version two?
What happens if you wave you hand in front of the camera when you have it set to detect motion?
What version of firmware is on the camera and base?
Do you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite?
Is the base connected via Wi-Fi or ethernet.

Outdoor Cam original version. Software Base Im on Cam Plus. Base is on wifi. Camera is behind a glass window, and it use to detect just fine, but stopped after more recent firmware updates maybe a few months ago. If i wave my hand on the other side of window there is no detection. If i wave directly in front of camera, then there is detection. The camera used to work perfectly well sitting behind my window. Also detection and notifications work perfectly when I am live watching, thus not a dirty window issue.

The Camera was not designed to be used to detect motion outside a glass window. The main source of detection is the PIR which senses heat, like heat from a human, animal or even a vehicle. It also can sometimes detect motion not in the PIR Zone but that is infrequent. Of course live stream works the camera is already awake and viewing. Normally the cam is asleep and when it detects heat movement it will wake up and record the events. The other cameras like the V3 will detect and record all motion because they use a change in pixels and light, not heat waves.

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