No Subscription; No Event Notification for People

I have a new OG camera and live on a busy street. My motion detection is set to 100. The detection zone is off. The motion tagging is on. The sound detection is set to 50. The event recording is on for both motion and sound. The notifications are on for both motion and sound events. I use a local microSD card set to continuous recording. I choose not to subscribe to Cam Plus. The only motion notifications I receive are for cars that drive down the street. I never receive motion notifications for people walking by with their dogs even though I can see people walking by with their dogs on a regular basis. I installed this camera because, IRL, I caught a woman letting her dog poop in my front lawn and told her to stop. The reason why I installed the camera was to see if any other people are letting their dogs poop in my yard, yet, I never receive event notifications for the multiple people with dogs who pass by my home on a daily basis. Can you please let me know how to get event notifications without subscribing to Cam Plus?

Welcome to the community @noelleartemis . Can you post some of your event timelines?

Since you only use the SD Card, make sure you are set for continuous motion and not event only. This will make sure you get a recording of everything.

For Notifications, you may be running into the 5 minute cooldown. With the setting set so high, it could detect motion and then it records for a period of time and then has a 5 minute cooldown from when the motion stops.

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Thank you for your reply. Can you tell me more about the 5 minute cooldown? I don’t seem to experience this with my v3 cameras. What setting do you suggest for motion to be able to capture people walking their dogs outside my home on my OG camera? I am not as interested in capturing every passing car on my OG camera. Thank you.

The Cameras with Wyze will:

  1. If you have Cam Plus, you will be able to record events without a cooldown of 5 minutes and up to 5 minutes per events
  2. If you have Cam Plus Lite, you will get events being recorded including Person Notification only. But this willonly record 12 second clips with a cooldown of 5 minutes
  3. Not Cam Plus at all, you will only get a static image of what is seen but no 12 second recording. This is also subject to a 5 minute cooldown.

A 5 minute cooldown is the following: When an event is triggered the camera will enter into an active state. Once the Event has ended, the camera will basically wait for 5 minutes before sending anymore Alerts or recording Events to the Event Tab. Having Cam Plus eliminates this 5 minute wait period.

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This is very helpful. Thank you for being so thorough. Cam Lite is not available for the OG camera. I choose not to subscribe to Cam Plus. Therefore, once an event is triggered, a screenshot will be take of the person, and I will not receive a notification until about 5 minutes after the event has occurred. I am ok with this as I continuously record to the microSD card.

Knowing this information, what detection setting do you recommend to capture a person walking on the sidewalk? I changed the motion detection sensitivity from 100 to 50 and I still do not receive a notification (I understand the notification will be 5 minutes after the event takes place) of a person walking on the sidewalk.

Thank you for your continued assistance.

One minor correction. When an event occurs you will get the notification and then no others for 5 minutes. Similar to what you have said, just when you get the event

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You could also setup a detection zone to reduce the areas not of interest.

As for the settings, it is an adjustment until you hit on what works for you.

Thank you for your reply. I have tried multiple detection settings as well as adjusted the detection zone and it will not send a notification for dog walkers/pedestrians. Can you please let me know the process for returning this camera? I received it as a gift and it does not suit my needs. I installed the camera to notify mw when people walk in front of my home as I had an unfortunate incident and this camera is not performing in a way that meets my needs. I am opposed to paying for a subscription, which is why I continuously record on a microSD for all of my installed Wyze cameras. I am looking into obtaining another v3 as the detection/notification has proven to be more suitable for my needs. If you can let me know how to return the OG, it would be appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

If there is ANY motion detected (leaves, cars, squirrels, shadows, etc.) then no pedestrian will be detected for the next 5 minutes. That may or may not be your issue.

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Motion, not necessarily a person. Your camera only sees motion, or in the OGs case, pixel change. You need a camplus light (yes, not compatible with the og) or a camplus license on the camera to get “person” or other recognize the object tags. Your camera doesn’t know a person from a flash of lightning to a falling leaf. It sees pixel change then if you had one of the above licenses the event would be uploaded to the cloud or the cloud AI would analyze that event and tag recognized objects. But if you have none of that and all you get is the thumbnails. The thumbnail is a shot of the detected pixel change

Since you got the camera as a gift you may not know some of this information and/or may not be allowed to return the item. Here is the link to submit a return for your review, but you may have to contact support about your situation.

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This is incredibly helpful. Thank you!

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Thank you for this clarification.

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