Outdoor Cam detects motion ONLY while live streaming

Can a future software update allow detection and notification based on pixel and light changes, in addition to heat? Does the camera or software have this capability? Previous software versions worked perfectly behind the window, hence the request.

If you are going to keep an outdoor camera inside looking out a window, buy a V3 which is less expensive than a Version one or version two WCO and set it to record events and continuous to a 64GB or 128GB card in the camera. Turn off the IR lights and status lights on the V3 so you don’t get reflection from the window. The battery powered outdoor cam detection settings are not going to be change to detect the same as a V3, different firmware and camera hardware. Or just be smart and go cheap, put the outdoor cam outdoors outside the window where it belongs. :grin:. I have four of the version one cams installed first week of November 2020.

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It was working perfectly behind a window a few months ago, software patch caused it to stop working sadly. Hopefully to be corrected in the future.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for WYZE to make a firmware fix for something the camera was not designed to do. I looked in the BETA testing section and they are not working on any firmware for the WCO at this time. If you insist it is a firmware fault, get a 32GB or smaller SD card and change the firmware back to March or February and try it out. As a last resort, if the camera works so great with detections and notifications in live view looking out the window why don’t you just leave the camera plugged into the 5V 2A power adapter and leave it on live view all the time.

I have the same problem with my v1 cam. I have my cam indoors looking at a door. When I’m connected and live streaming it will detect me walking by, record, and send a notification. When I’m not connected it never detects anything, records anything, or sends a notification.

I can wave my hand directly in front of the camera and it never wakes up.

What is the point of this camera if it never detects anything without suffering at the live feed?