Detection Outdoor Cam

I’ve performed every reboot, every update, but the outdoor cam will only give me a detection notice once. I’ve tried all the cool down settings, again removing sym cards, pairing over and over. But again the detection alert only works once. What’s up?

I’m having same issue. It won’t record the 12 sec event videos even though I know there has been movement in it’s line of sight. I pushed sensitivity to max too.

Same issues here. I’ve done everything I can think to do. Even the movement of a limb purposely include in the green zone failed to trigger a 12 sec event.

Maybe I’ll hire a shaman and try a goat sacrifice…

Well the camera is under warranty, maybe they just have to replace it, fluke in program or cloud recall issue???l

what phone you using? check notifications allowed if on iphone-ipad?

Just finished reading all 5 posts in this thread and have a question for anyone who wants to jump in. I was under the impression that, with the PIR sensor, it isn’t movement that will trigger an event notification, but rather a change in the temperature of objects within the detection zone. Am I mistaken?

I know I’m late to the disappointment party here but before I return my WOC I need to know if the WOC will record motion events as long as they are happening not just the 12 sec clips.

Cam Plus Service appears not yet available for the Outdoor camera, and that’s what you’d need to subscribe to for $1.49/month to achieve complete motion detection. Probably with a 60-second maximum clip length.

I jammed my outdoor cam and a foam legged tripod into the top of a No Parking sign outside my condo. Now on day 4 it there is more wind than normal and shadows on the back of the sign are triggering motion detection. You can “just” see the edge of the back of the sign at the center bottom of the video. Noteworthy, events are triggered when people exit the nearest door but half the time the second door in the distance (my door) doesn’t reliably generate an event. A loser in my opinion, should have spent the money on V2’s, solar panel, etc, etc. I can’t find any way to turn OFF the audio recording, I don’t want to hear the wind blowing or anyone talking. Inadequate motion detection of people in the distance.

I guess Ill wait some more

Iphone and Ipad
Notifications are on because some times i do get a notification. Indoors right next to me…works pretty good. Outdoors 10-15 away…rarely works

It’s been a common issue. I use a Pixel 4 XL. Yes I’ve been with Wyze from the start. I have set all settings. It’s just an inferior product that should have waited a lot longer to come out.

I have a wyze cam that did exact same thing.till I reboot then detects for 5 away from home but once I get home I’m about to replace wyze with a dahua.dahuas are quailty cams

I will look into those cameras and get back to you. Thanks.

Just to update, WYZE did replace the outdoor cam, and it does work perfectly!

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