Outdoor camera- will animals triggers an event?

I just set up my outdoor cameras and they don’t seem to be triggering many events. I mainly want to know if anyone’s cameras catch animals? Like coyotes, cats ect

I have the ring and it captures everything. Automobiles don’t even seem to trigger a motion event with the wzye outdoor cameras.

Is there any suggestions as to what i might be able to do to improve the experience? Maybe something I did or didn’t do when setting up?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

People post all the time in #captured-on-wyze , and my back yard came catches a lot of squirrels. Do you have movement detection turned on? What are your detection thresholds ?

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I rebooted the base and all camera and it helped a little but still not capturing all events. I just went out to the move the camera a little and it did t set off an event. And its only catching a few seconds of each when I had it set at the maximum of 5 minutes. Just frustrating… thanks for your suggustions!

I have stray cats and raccoon videos from my outdoor cams all taken at night. It’s all about camera position and distance with the WCO. The critters need to be crossing the detection zone at a slight angle and within the PIR range.

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With Camplus it should keep recording until motion stops, but if you don’t have Camplus, then it will stop at 12sec, with a 5min cooldown. Now if you have Camplus and it’s not recording the whole event that’s an issue.

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I have the camplus. It records some times 54 secs but it stops short. I want to see what my original setup was but I can’t find that. Do you know if there is a user manual somewhere.

Distance might be part of the problem, and there isn’t much I can do about the angle. I thinking something else must be wrong since my dogs will be right in front of the camera and it shuts off. I have one set inside the house to see what is going on and it will only show part of event cutting off quickly. It is also very slow start. Even the one that is the closest to the hub is slow. I have the quickest internet speed there is to offer in my area, and I have other brands of cameras that run so fast with quick response time. However, they are more expensive and I was hoping to find one a bit more affordable so I can get more cameras around the property since we are having problems with security and animals. Do you know if they have a user manual and if so how to I find it?

Can you try and upload one or 2 of the videos if it wont dox you? It might help us judge a few things and give tips based on what you say your settings are.

I have no idea on how to upload the videos. Can you tell me the steps needed to do that?

I appreciate all the help but I think I’m going to return the cameras for a refund. Its very frustrating to not have any user manual or system supports available. Just to name a few issues: The cameras keep going off line, batteries are draining quickly, events are cut short, and its not catching movement, Spent all weekend trying to get answers and help and still having problems, so I’m calling it done and just pay the extra $$ for a system that has support and fewer issues. Again, thank you so much.


The WCO works best for motion less than 30 feet away. Also, the motion must be in the PIR Zone for the wake-up to start. You lose a second or more. The clip is 12 seconds max. I believe Cam Plus will save longer clips.

If motion is beyond 30 feet, do not expect it to be picked up. At night, the range is worse.

Sound is very grainy. Motion alerts take well over 30 seconds.

Battery drain gets worse as the temperature drops. It appears that just having a SD card inserted increases battery drain.

From one of my WOC.

I must be in some sort of quasi-Twilight Zone episode. Every single of of my Wyze products work as advertised. This includes the scale, 3 bands, 4 WOC, 6 v3, 6 cam pan, 1 v2 and the vac.

Download the clip to your device and to upload it to the forms click the upload icon.

I have nothing like that on my app. My app is very simplistic with the ability to do very little.

To download the clip to your device tap on the download button


You can then upload to the forms when you reply to the topic, I marked the upload icon for you in my previous post.

I’ve had my outdoor cam since last Sept & it only picks up people that walk in front of it & I’ve tried so many different settings. The PIR area isn’t that bg of an area at all either so trying to get your whole view in that small of area is impossible. Does your pir area look like mine does?

I gave up using the outdoor cam where I had intended as it is not capable of reliably detecting motion at a normal outdoor distance especially at night. I installed it under a carport and it does a decent job at monitoring that small area. The V3 is much better in all aspects than the OC.



Careful watching this one…

I get more cats and raccoons then anyone wants to see. This is with V2’s and Pan Cam’s I have outside. Maybe that’s just one more short coming of the Wyze Outside Cam.