Wyze Cam Outdoor Events Recording Problems


Anyone have problem with Wyze Cam outdoor not recording events ? I’ve followed the troubleshooting tips versus turning time lapse and scheduled recording off, Event Recording is enable but I never have anything in my events.

Camera is at my second floor and aim at my backyard. If I pass my hand in front of it, it will work, but for fat “events” nothing will show. You might say it’s too far but the things is that motion tagging is enable and it detect those movement since I see green rectangle /square around moving stuff…

Haven’t found the specification versus how far it will detects motion and record it in my events ,I’ve been told to replace the Wyze Cam Outdoor that it might be broke , but scare to waste time …

Thank youCapture

Is it within the ‘green zone’ ?

yes it’s in the “fixed” green zone" .

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How did you get the camera to show the motion tagging box, livestream?
Is the camera pointing out a window? It will not record through glass due to the PIR sensor.

See if you can move the camera to a new location where the motion is moving across the came more then at it, this is easier for the PIR sensor to detect.
More on PIR sensors here:

My wyze outdoor cam is outdoor attach to my house.

Motion tagging is a default setting I have with that camera, With that setting enable, when movement is detect, as in the capture, a square shows to confirm motion was detect’but still no events are recorded.

Thank you.

Can you try moving the camera closer?

Well , yes but couldn’t get the end of my backyard and the goal to put it higher is that its out of reach.

My wyse cam that are inside records people walking the other side of the street… wonder if the pir sensor is not as good as the indoor wyze…

The WCOs use a PIR(passive infrared) sensor. The camera uses this sensor to detect motion because it saves battery and is more accurate. This sensor is a fixed sensor similar to the Wyze motion sensor and other smart motion sensors.
The wired cameras use pixel-based detection. Pixel-based detection compares the pixels in the image and looks for a change, When a large enough change is detected, that is registered as motion. The lower the sensitivity, the bigger the change needed in more pixels to be registered as motion.
I have found the Pixer-based sensor to be more sensitive and detect more. See if your sensitivity settings are set to 100 and try again.

Hi, thanks for the explications vs the sensors. I’ve already put the sensibility to 100% and tried every possibles distances.

I think it’s something they could fix since camera detect movement with the motion tagging but something is missing to tell to record the event. Close movements are recorded… I really like the wyse products, I would like this one to have a upgrade making far movement recorded since they already grigger fhe motion tag…

Thanks again

I have the same problem. It records only a fraction of the movements that are clearly being seen by the camera – confirmed via live stream. Sensitivity and distance set to 100. When set to continuous recording it has the hundreds of “events” (motion detection) listed. Support was not able to help with this at all. Tried dozens of variations of settings but after 24 hours there might be 20 recordings out of hundreds that should have been saved. These are not ambiguous movements either, most are extremely obvious.