One of two outdoor cams

one of two outdoor cams not recording event or notifying. tried everything

Welcome back after a long hiatus!

I would say we can work on the no events thing first, because without events you don’t get notifications. Has the outdoor cam V2 ever saved cloud events? Do you know anything that happened when the camera stopped recording events if applicable? Can you post screenshots of your different settings pages? Maybe fresh eyes on them will be able to see anything amiss.

We will start there. Thanks in advance for your answers!

Been away because all my old Wyze cam products still operate well. It’s the new ones that are giving grief or better yet a challenge. Yes I have saved and I have shared some when asked on events. I have deleted several that indicate light changes, and only a few that worked well a month ago. Nothing unusual has occurred other than the update.
I have two outdoor cams and will attach some pics tomorrow that show the relationship with the cams to the base and the router. The one furthest (100ft from base) works well, this one (50 ft) is the problem child. Attached are screenshots of the Turnaround Cam settings. The camera is live and can see motion, but will not create an event or notify.

Do you live stream the camera somewhere? Watch it live on a device? Because motion detection and event creation are disabled while you watch a WCO live.

Is it in some type of enclosure? Can you post a picture of what it is in?

I can live stream it LIVE on my phone standing nearby. But when wyze app is not turned on it will still not record. Here is what I can record by pressing rec on the wyze app while a car goes by. It will not record the event when I am off the app.
My other camera is further down the driveway set up the same way in the same post holder.
The previous pix was when I just put the cam in the holder and not pushed it down and closer to the opening.
The video capture and pix is when the camera is set correctly. Like my other post.

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So with the WCO cameras, their main and initial detection system is the PIR sensor which detects heat. This is where the PIR sensor is located:

With your mount, it appears as if the PIR is blocked.

You need to make the hole you cut out larger to not block the PIR sensor, or find a new mount that doesn’t block that part of the camera. The PIR does not work through glass or clear plastic either, its front facing view needs to be unobstructed.

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Yup been there done that. On both outdoor cams. I just screenshot it. Hole large

You’ll have to come back to this topic via a browser and add the photo somehow. It just shows a link to a Google account photo. I think replying via email messed up the photo add.

The problem child is the closest and have tried moving base on first floor, but found I get better reception on both from higher lvel. I even tried swithing mocations and the problem child still does not record the event.