If there's a motion tracking box, why is the camera not recording an event?

I guess I’m a little dense, but I’m not understanding why my Outdoor Cam ONLY records events that occur in the PIR portion of the field of view.

I share a driveway with my neighbor. When I watch the camera live and the neighbor pulls up into my part of the driveway (but outside the PIR range), there is a green motion tracking box around their vehicle as they drive out. So the camera sees that this is motion, and tracks this motion - but doesn’t record this motion.

Why not? Explain like I’m 5, please.

When you are viewing the live stream on the WCOs, the motion detection is disabled. The green boxes you see is “motion tagging”, not tracking.

From the Support knowledge article:

If you are actively viewing the Live Stream, motion detection will not work. While troubleshooting, remain on the Home screen of the app.

Source. Scroll to the very bottom.

The WCO is in a “sleep” state until the camera wakes up. The camera wakes up by detecting motion with the PIR sensor.