WCO doesn't detect motion

My outdoor camera doesn’t detect motion or send notifications unless I’m watching live. It is detecting while watching live it does the motion tagging . I’ve adjusted the camera to be sensitive. I’ve mount upside up/down , inside and outside .

You might want to post a screenshot of the live view. Presumably you know the Outdoor cam is different from the V2 and V3 because it uses PIR detection which is basically body heat from a human being standing within about 15 ft of the camera.

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Welcome to the group! Motion tagging is just an overlay on the video. When you are viewing from the wco live, the actual motion detection is off, so no events will be saved. How is the wco mounted? Is it looking out a window? What are your event recording and notification settings?

Here is a quick instructional video. Watch the video with your wco nearby to learn and test the motion detection.


Thanks for replies . I returned them .