WCO V1 Recording Itself

Hello friends,

I’m still running my four WCO V1 cams from a few years ago and they are going strong. Upgrading to the new Battery Cams eventually but in the meantime I’d like to figure this out.

So I run a rule to have my WCO’s turn on every night at 9pm and at that time, two of those cams send an event notification with video clips of the night vision IR turning on. It’s as though the IR turning on is triggering the motion detection.

They’ve been doing this for at least a year and it didnt bug me until I bought four Wyze Switches for my outside lights and used rules to turn the lights on when the cams detect motion. Obviously the false motion event with the cams is screwing up my rules.

The two culprit cams are each on different base stations and have been fully charged, power cycled, reset, deleted from the cam group and added again, deleted from the app and added again, etc with no success. They are running the latest Beta firmware but this has occurred since before I signed up for Beta leading me to believe its the cams themselves.

Anybody else experience this or have a suggestion?