Outdoor camera switching from night vision when detecting motion

I have a problem with one of my outdoor cams.

Upon detection of motion, it will start recording but about 10 seconds in it will switch the night vision off.

Why is it doing that?

I cant remember what firmware it was ( and if it was Beta or not) but it seems like I just read in some release notes that an update was looking to fix a count issue with the time not being adjusted right to how long the clip actually was. in counting that clip I counted about 11 seconds. so not far off the 12 seconds where it would normally shut them off.

to try and trouble shoot this do you by chance have a cam plus subscriptions you could put on the WCO temporarily so that you could set the recording time longer and see if the IR’s still cut out at the shorter interval?

also, what app version and firmware version and interface are you on?

EDIT: I now know if similar things happening to at least one other person. so this isn’t a fully isolated incident. I would definitely send logs in but also try the cam plus idea if you have the availability and see what it does.

so this might be of help in the situation you face @zoti just announced