OD cams not turning on when triggered by V3

I have two OD cams that are not turning on/recording when triggered by a V3. These cams are at my lake house so I can see any issues while I’m not there during the week. The whole reason I added the V3 is because the OD cams are horrible at motion detection but the V3 is fantastic. I have noticed that when viewing the OD cams through the app it takes a few seconds for the “getting video data” (see screenshot below) icon to complete. Both OD cams show two out of three signal bars so I don’t think that’s the problem. I have 5G internet there with download speeds well over 100mb/sec and I use a mesh system soi don’t think it’s the internet connection either. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Huh? How did you expect this to work? The Wyze Cam Outdoors don’t do anything until they themselves detect motion via their heat seeking PIR detectors. Did you set up some kind of rule based on the V3’s detection?

Yes, I setup a device trigger to turn on the OD cams when the V3 detects motion. I have the same trigger in place at my primary residence and it works well.

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Okay thanks. I know basically nothing about the WCOs so I hope you get some advice from those who do.

I wouldn’t expect that to work. That doesn’t save a clip, it just turns on the camera. If the camera is already on (and they are on when asleep too), then nothing should happen.

I haven’t tried it, but maybe you need to change “turn on the camera” to “upload a short video to the cloud”. That in my mind would have a better chance at working.

The WOCs are different than the V3s in that they need a heat source to trigger. So motion by a living creature near the camera. The V3 will trigger off anything that moves because it uses pixel detection. The WOCs also prefer that that heat source is right-to-left or left-to-right. It is less sensitive to coming towards the camera. Once it is triggered, it has to wake up. That isn’t turning on, it is already turned on (if you turn it off it won’t even wake up). So things that happen very quickly may get missed. And then there are those who hang them upside-down, which totally screws up the motion detection (it is looking to the sky then).

So I think the “upload a short video to the cloud” rule action on the WOC might do what you are after. Still won’t be as good as the V3, as the V3 is commanding it thru the cloud, but if the WOC isn’t even triggering now then you may at least get more than you normally do.

Problem is pixel detection can trigger VERY often if you don’t get your settings right, which may drain your WOC battery very quickly if they are set wrong.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I should’ve been more clear. I have it set to upload a short video. I have the same settings at my primary residence and it works great. Just having an issue with these at a remote location.