Seeing is believing ? The Great Outdoors?

Finally setup my V1 - WOC.

It struggled with wifi, vs Etho. (Etho to Wifi now)


A) At one point, nothing shows up on events log. (Fixed)

B) Playback options on any motion videos? (12 sec) has (? Marks) or No SD playback (just Livestream option) ?
C) Notifications are set and on.

D) Cam now shows up on app main screen (fixed)

E) I am using the following SD’s, 32 gb for WOC n 64 gb (both fat 32) for Base station.

F) Why is this the only cam doing this ?

Since I am not a Wyze Wizard,
What am I missing or messing up here ?

You need Cam Plus Lite or Cam Plus to get video recordings that will show up on the Events page of the app. Cam Plus Lite will be 12 second videos.
If you have Cam Plus Lite the 12 Sec videos are backed up to the SD in the base if you have it turned on to do so under event recordings setting. Backup to the base does not work with Cam Plus.
There is no playback from the SD card with the WCO like on the plug in cameras. The SD in the cam is for Scheduled event recording, travel mode and Time Lapse.

WCO information: The version one and two operate the same. Read about the features and the FAQ section.

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I have cam plus.

I guess, I was spoiled by my V3’s ?

Ok thx !

The V3s and the WCOs operate differently than eachother due to the WCOs have a battery to power them vs the plug in power. Some of the functions are the same, but some are different to maximize the life of the battery charge.

I love my V3s, and if power is anywhere near your camera location, highly recommend those unless “pir detection system” and “no power any where near camera location” are deal breakers on your use case.



I agree, I can’t even get 12 sec playback.
(with Cam+)

It just shows an event notification (a frozen pic) with a “?” Next to the help button.

Reading up on, “travel mode”, to see what I can salvage from it.

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Oh, when trying to view your event videos is it saying it failed to load? 0s video with a green circle and a ? In it?

This is not normal behavior, there’s currently a bug effecting all cams that causes this. Try power cycling the cam.

Please get a log in account > Wyze support for the app and one for the cam. Post the numbers in the linked thread.

I’ll give that a try !

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