Wyze Cam Outdoor on Cam Plus - No playback?

I have several different versions of Wyze Cam’s including the Indoor and Spotlight and V3. Just refreshed with new Outdoor cam’s, total of 3. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to view the playback of any motion. It is easy with the others, but seems even with SD card in base and cameras, there are no playback options in Events. I checked in the Album under More option and it is blank. All cards are formatted.
Anyone can help me here? I think I just wasted a couple hundred dollars since these cameras will not let me playback what motion had occurred.

You can view your cloud saved events in the event tab of the app, but the wcov2 do not have a playback function like the other camera due to their being battery powered. You can put the SD cards in the camera itself, then use the scheduled recording function to save clips to the SD card in the cam. You then view the album which would ok have the SD card clips available for download. You download them from the camera, then view the clips on your device.

THanks for quick response.
Ok, so far I have not been able to see anything in the Events. That would then alert me something is going on and if I understand, can then go into album and view the recording assuming I have set the scheduled recording function.
I really am not sure how to set the scheduled recording function so that I can view let’s say last 15 days of motion recordings.
So what might my issue be where I can’t view in Events is my first step to resolve I guess.

Ok, I have made some progress. Now getting video in Events which appears to be 20 seconds. Is there any way to get more than 20 seconds?
I set the Scheduled Recording to 15 days, 5 minutes and starting now.
I am getting results in the Album, but seems must only download. I have no way to know which to download relative to a specific motion event.

I am having this same issue. So to clarify: even with CamPlus and an SD card you cannot get playback?
Is there a plan to address this issue soon?

Cam plus is cloud recording, which is independent and seperate from any variation of SD card local recording.

The WCO v2 does not have the same SD card local recording that the plugged in cameras do. The WCO v2 does have some scheduled recording options that kinda mimic the other SD card recording, but playing back those saved files are way different. You can’t playback the SD card recording on a timeline, you have to download the files from the camera one by one them view them in app or in a video player in your phone.

I understand they are separate. Can I not view playback with CamPlus either?

With Cam Plus, you are viewing what events the camera saved to the cloud. Visit the event tab of the app to see what events there are. Make sure your filters for showing what’s available are set correctly and the cloud saved events should be visible there.

The only way to “Playback” from the SD card in a WCO is first it has to be on scheduled event recording to the card in the cam, then you have to go to the album and tap the download icon on the video you want. After it loads it will play and it will also be saved to your devices media gallery.

Forgive my ignorance here but I don’t feel like I am clear on the answer. There is no playback for this camera, correct? Just a yes or no would be helpful.

If no, are there plans for this in the future?

NO Playback from the WCO like you can do with plug in cameras. Use method I posted above.
And also NO for the SD in the Base. Backup to the base will not work with Cam Plus, it does work with Cam Plus Lite but you have to remove the card and use a card reader to view.

There is a Wishlist topic requesting this feature be added, which you can vote/comment on to help support. Wyze has reviewed the wishlist and labeled it “probably not”, which means “We’ve read and considered this but it’s pretty unlikely to happen”.

Wyze’s plan is to trick you into their cloud subscription. Not everyone wish to subscribe, Very annoying
Moreover, if that the case, why the camera & the Base Station have slots for MicroSD?

BTW. Roku sells the same camera - with fair disclosure"only with cloud subscription"

With Solar Panel as constant charge - this issue becomes mute vis-à-vis local storage & playback option.

For its own interest - WyzeCam MUST include the playback option & let users worry about charging the battery. Or, modify the s/w such that playback available only when solar panel or external power is supplied to the camera.

Is WyzeCam going to include the -all important “playback” feature for those who prefer to use local storage over subscription one?


Sorry Antonius. The only way to bring about change is - keep pounding on their door until they listen

We pay good money to purchase & use product to meet our needs & expectations.
Had the company disclosed - up front, the need for cloud subscription - I probably would skip this camera.
You see, it’s not about the money - rather, it’s principle. It’s about tricking you to subscribe.
It’s not about what they do - rather how they do it.

I do hope more owners of this camera will join & let Wyze understand this fundamental option needed to be able to review this safety option.

Just for the hell of it, I call this Camera. “Oh well Camera”. :grin:
Since it leads users to the subscription page - instead of the usual “playback” option.
Many will probably murmur to themselves, “Oh Well, (what the heck)” & subscribe. At least that what the company hopes people will do.

So purchase an annual Cam Plus subscription for $99.00 U.S. Dollars good for up to 99 Cameras, same price. That is about 27 U.S. cents per day . ($99.00) - (9,900 Cents) divided by 365 days is 27.123288 U.S. cents per day). You probably lose more than that falling out of you pocket under the car seat per day. :rofl:

I have only one outdoor camera.
Again. Both - the camera & the Base Station have MicroSd slots to store videos locally.
So why - for whatever reason, deprive those who chose to, store videos locally?

Blink doorbell has this option - why wyze not do so for the outdoor camera.
They claim “rapid battery drainage”. Fine, then, enable the playback only on cameras with solar panel (which mine has).