Inserted memory cards on all 2 outdoor cameras & the home base, is there a view playback on the cameras?

Is ther a view playback on outdoor camera?

If you set up the camera to do scheduled event recording to the SD in the camera you can play back what is recorded on the card by opening the cam to live view, tap more, tap album then scroll the screen up until you see scheduled recordings. You have to tap on the download icon showing on the screen to view the video, it will also be downloaded to the photo/video album on your device. The is no playback from the base SD card and the card will not have any videos on it at all if you are using cam plus, it does work with cam plus lite though.
Set up scheduled event recording for 30 days, motion only, no cooldown period, set max duration of each recorded video up to 5 min.

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So, there isn’t a way to view the recordings from the SD card within the App like you can with the Wyze Cam V3?

Seems like something that should be added with a firmware update. The clips saved to CamPlus don’t always capture all the activity.

Nope. Being a battery camera the WCOs operate differently than the plugged in v3s.

You can use the scheduled recording function to record to the card in the camera, then visit the album in app to see the recorded files. To view the files you’ll need to download them and then view them. All the while just know that all this connection time to the camera will use battery.

Ugh…another camera to send back, I guess. The battery operated cams come up WAY short in the activity they capture. AND, what they sent up to the CamPlus cloud pales in comparison to what is captured on the card.

We tried the new Battery Cam Pro side by side next to the existing Cam3Pro on the window sill and it missed a good 1/3 to 1/2 of what the Cam3Pro captured. Plus, it started recording activity WELL after the Cam3Pro started.

Why not leave the Cam3Pro in place: The only option we have to power it is running the USB cord through the bottom of the window and the opening and closing of the window has already caused one cord to go bad after just a couple months. I’m really hesitant to buy a new cord off Amazon/Best Buy because Wyze ditched the sealed pig tails with the Pro and you need the special cord they ship with the camera to seal the power port……and they DONT sell it separately. Grrrrrrrrrr

We’re both cameras looking out to the window? The battery cam Pro has two types of detection systems It has PIR and a radar detection system. Depending on your detection sensitivity it uses one or both of those. If your battery cam Pro was looking out the window, that was rendering the PIR sensor useless because that does not work through glass. Your V3 Pro was working because that has a pixel change detection system and that does work through glass. I would say take your battery cam pro out from behind the window and test it with an unobstructed view to see what it can actually catch.

Both were (Cam3Pro still is) mounted to the sill outside the window….that’s why we have the issue with the power cords failing from the window being repeatedly opened and closed over time.

Cams were mounted side by side, same field of view, no obstructions.

Already sent the Battery Pro back and purchased an Outdoor Cam2 to give it a try…currently testing it, but the lack of SD card recording and playback looks to be a dealbreaker.