Viewing playback on outdoor cam

I installed the outdoor cam today and it is working. How do you actually view playback of recorded motion? Doesn’t appear to have that option like the indoor cams. Also, it doesn’t show up in events. I have a micro sd card in the base station. I am using the iOS app.


I haven’t gotten my early access camera in yet so I’m just guessing. Could the playback be in the base station settings/tab in the Wyze app?

Just read that playback isn’t an option due to battery usage. It wasn’t recording in the events either. I installed a micro sd card in the cam and it began showing in events. I previously had the sd card in the base station only. Weird.


Wait, seriously? That can’t be true? You can do live video on demand but you can’t… play back something recorded on the camera?


Agreed! You can use the SD card playback in travel mode so you should be able to use it always!


Help us out here Wyze team!


No, use Scheduled Recording instead.

Wyze Cam Outdoor is built for maximum flexibility so that you can put it anywhere you want - even if it’s outside without a power outlet. Continuously recording to a micro SD card like Wyze Cam v2 will shorten the battery life really quickly. Because of this, we did not build this feature for Wyze Cam Outdoor. Wyze Cam v2 is still the best option for continuous recording.

For Wyze Cam Outdoor, we built Scheduled Recording . This lets you schedule specific times for the camera to continuously record to its local micro SD card.

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That has nothing to do with the topic of playing BACK those recordings on demand. Meanwhile I’ve been told it’s indirectly possible by downloading the clips from the SD card first.

Bigger problem is the motion detector not recording or sending notice as effective as indoor wyze cam. Outdoor cam is not capturing the motions and sending notice consistently. That really defeats the main reason for me to purchase this product. I hope this is a temporary issue and new firmware will be issued to resolve this. Logic set to save the battery power seems not very effective and also the weakest in the product strength. Wyze team please fix this issue.


Agreed that the option to view playback from the SD Card in the app is a MVP thing.

What about for those users that want Wyze outdoor for a camera that can brave the elements, but don’t have a problem providing it a continual power feed. All the battery saving features are hardcoded, even if we’re not relying on the battery?


Different kind of motion sensing with the WCO. It needs to pick up heat differential, not just visual change. And there’s a wake up delay after detecting that motion but I haven’t seen exactly how fast that’s supposed to be.

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I installed mine yesterday. Not having playback is disappointing and made the camera useless for what I wanted to do. We have a cottage with no internet service so I thought this would work well for monitoring. But in order to review what was recorded I have to remove the sd card, bring a PC to the cottage and look through the files. I think they should have playback as an option or post a warning about draining battery if you use it. Also detection does not work as well as the indoor units. By the way I have 3 indoor units in enclosures and they work without any problem, rain, heat, snow and cold remperatures


This is shame. I had a great hope that WYZE will be the pioneer to provide the low cost and quality product with a outstanding service as it was 1st introduced. But that promise seems directing to a marketing strategy than anything.
Some reason, I felt this company’s promise was directing similar to TESLA for the Full Electric cars… and I was proud to be a consumer to support their multiple products…
But, as the way things are directing and changing, I see the fall down of my hope; and mostly disappointed.


I totally agree. No playback is a deal breaker for me. I was going to get rid of all the cabled cameras and just use the new ones but without playback, it’s a brick.



Same here.
I gotta say, Everytime I order something brand new (which has been EVERYTHING) it has taken time for all the wrinkles to get ironed out. That said, every single time we have trouble, my family makes me feel like I’ve made the worst purchase. So hard to convince anyone how cool it is when it doesn’t work yet…


I have NEST outdoor, and I couldn’t wait to make the switch to Wyze Outdoor but this may be a deal breaker. I usually view the Notifications every morning with playback. So Why can’t I do that? And to compound this problem you can’t add outdoor to the CAM Plus? I understand the Battery issues, and willing to deal with that but I need playback. This is a deal breaker for me in purchasing more…


You should be able to have motion recordings go to the base station SD card! this would still save battery life.


I just got my outdoor cam yesterday set it up in 20 minutes. So far there are things I like and things I don’t, but until I have at least a couple of weeks under my belt I’m not complaining or giving the product a big thumbs up. As I see it this is a whole different animal not just a cheap version of someone else’s product. Give it time and experiment. Not inclined to do so then hold off, follow this forum, and learn about the +’s and -‘s

Jus my two cents.

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Doesn’t Cam Plus solve this problem? I’m still on my trial licence with a V2, so I rarely need to use the playback feature.

You can’t use Cam Plus with the WCO YET!