Viewing playback on outdoor cam

Hmmm, okay. No playback from SD card. No Cam Plus. So, is the list just:

  • Live view

  • 12-second cloud events

What functionality does the base station add?


I am a little bit confused about the SD card in the outdoor camera vs the use of an SD card in the base. Can someone explain what I am missing?? Playback is definitely a downfall because I am so used to using it with my indoor cameras. But I am also pleased to have a lower price point camera that gives me a little peace of mind when it comes to security.


The SD card on the base is for backing up the cloud recordings to save them.

What cloud recordings, the 12-second clips, or are you talking about some future functionality? We already know there is no SD card playback with the outdoor cam, which I find really strange because the Wyse website seems to be all about making local recordings/time lapse videos with the outdoor cam. Once you make them, how do you view them?


You have to take the card out to view the backed-up 12 second recordings. They didn’t think about this one that well!

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I’ve had my V2 for a week and my general impression is that, basically, these cameras are like dashcams with WiFi. They primarily like to do local recordings, but WiFi gives them all sorts of new capabilities such as recording to cloud, push notification and live view. If you look at the website information on the outdoor camera, it’s all about recording wildlife, time-lapse recording and…even basic dashcam functionality.

The V2 takes advantage of the WiFi capability, offering cloud event recording (limited without Cam Plus now), push notification, SD card playback and live view, while retaining its local recording (a la dashcam) roots.

As for the outdoor camera, it’s relationship with WiFi seems somewhat tenuous. It’s not clear how many of the WiFi-dependent features are supported. How many of the following still work with the outdoor camera?

  • Recording events to cloud

  • Push notification

  • Live view

  • SD card playback (without removing the SD card)

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You can also use Time lapse and other basic functions (2 way talk, snapshot, record in livestream, e.x.).

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“A product that does everything doesn’t excel at anything.”


And the SD card in the camera is for the same thing? Just wondering if I should purchase a second SD card for base in order to have the best set up. Sorry I’m usually pretty good with tech but the double SD card is throwing me off.


The SD card in the base is for backing up the cloud recordings(I don’t know why you’d use this). The camera SD card is for scheduled recordings and travel mode. They will add motion recordings to the camera SD card but that’s for the future because it was buggy during Bata.


cadov86, I don’t want to make things more confusing but what peace of mind are you referring to? If your car is taken from the drive way you can only have 12 seconds of video to help identify the thieves and those 12 seconds may not have the most helpful footage as the cam has a wake up delay that may or may not display the action from the beginning.


Me thinks your ‘yet’ should be all caps :wink:

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I want to be able to check if racoons are trying to catch fish in the pond. With 12 seconds and the start delay I might see only few seconds. Then playback would be useful to see what is going on. That is how I used the indoor camera positioned by the pond. Obviously without power cord it would be more convenient. Unfortunately this camera cannot detect me in most cases and if it does it only records last part of my movement.

No confusion on that part. I know what the camera does and does not do. :slight_smile: I am not using it for car theft security. I’ll wait for anticipated updates just like any other new tech product.

I would use time lapse, it’s my understanding that you can use motion detect to get clips while simultaneously recording time lapse.
(Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Something to keep in mind, especially for those reporting lack of events and/or notifications issues… When you enable Time-lapse, Scheduled Recordings, or view the Live Stream on an outdoor cam… Events, their associated cloud upload/storage and the associated push notification are disabled for said cam. Why? I don’t know. I don’t like it, but for now, it is what it is.

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Let’s see, each video clip is 12 seconds long and when stored takes up (x) number of bytes on the server… X is dependent of number of clips (y) per person multiplied by number of users (z)…

Holy shite that’s a coconut full of space required… Maybe, just maybe Wyze has a storage and retrieval time problem. Time to call Saul.

Is this temporary? Do the events resume once you revert to normal state?

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Yes, events & notifications resume once the SD recording functions or Live Stream completes/ends.

What’s the point of detecting and recording events if you can’t play them back??? I don’t get it. Has Wyze said they’ll fix this? This is bogus. That’s what I bought it for. Apparently this is only a live cam. Sad.