Wyze Cam Outdoor SD Playback

I have v2 and v3 cameras already, and I just added Outdoor cameras. I cannot view playback on the Outdoor cam like I can on the v2 and v3. I’ve always assumed the playback was coming from the SD cards that I put into the v2/v3 cameras. Is that much true?

What is the purpose of the SD cards in the Outdoor cameras and Base if I must get a Cam Plus account in order to have playback options?

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The outdoor camera (wireless with base station) uses the sd cards for travel mode, time lapse, etc. It does not have the options to continuous record like the other cameras because of battery constraints.


As stated, time lapse, travel mode and scheduled recording with continuous or motion events. I would not recommend continuous except for very, very short times. Scheduled event recording is great and you can view the recordings from the SD, they are download to your device from the cam album.