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I have several V2 cameras and a couple of V3 cameras. I must not be understanding how the V3 cameras work. I thought they recorded continuous motion to the cloud if I have Cam Plus turned on for that camera. If this is correct, do I need to have an SD card in my V3 camera in order to view playback? I pay for Cam Plus and I went to Account/Services/CamPlus and verified that I have Cam Plus selected for Camera X. On that page, at the bottom, it says Activate. I have selected that over and over. It still always shows Activate at the bottom of the page. When I go to Camera X and select View Playback, it says “No micro SD card installed in camera.” What am I doing wrong, or what don’t I understand? Thanks for the help.

Sd local storage and cloud recording are completely seperate from each other. Cloud recordings are viewed in the event tab and sd card local storage are viewed in the “playback”. Camplus isn’t “continuous recording” like sd card local storage (recording 24/7), but camplus is complete motion capture, where all motion is recorded to the cloud, but times were there is not activity is not recorded to the cloud.


Welcome to the forum. WYZE does not have any service that performs continuous 24/7 cloud recording. In order to do continuous recording, you will need a microSD card in your v2 or v3 camera. The outdoor cam does not offer this feature due to the fact that it runs on battery.

Cam Plus will give you the ability to record event clips longer than 12 seconds and also gets rid of the cool down period on the v2 and v3 cams. In theory, the event clips will continue to record until there is no more motion detected by the cam. These clips are then stored in the cloud for two weeks. You can download any clip you would like to your device and save it until the end of time.

I hope that all makes sense.


Ok, I think understand it now. So why would someone use an SD card in a V3 camera? It seems like you would get the same recording on the SD card that you get without the SD card, plus a lot of nothing recorded on the SD card.

No, I don’t think you have it yet. The SD card can be setup for 24/7 recording on the v2 and v3. Then any motion events that are triggered are also saved to the cloud. The SD card will hold about 3 days of constant around the clock recording. The cloud holds any motion activated clips (by default 12 seconds long unless you have cam plus) for up to two weeks.

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For one thing, not having to pay for Cam Plus for 23 cameras. For another, the uSD card will record during an internet outage.

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K6CCC - Thank you for the answer. My real question was why would someone use an SD card in a V3 camera if they already have CamPlus on that camera? And the answer is you don’t use both at the same time on the same camera. I get it now. Unfortunately, I signed up for a year of CamPlus for 4 cameras. Crap. I guess I’ll cancel after a year and switch to SD cards (which I already have). Thanks again, K6CCC.

MicroSD in a v3 gives you the ability to record 24/7 and stores about 3-days of constant video. You can playback this video at any time and record your own clips from the playback. This is awesome when the camera didn’t properly record a clip to the cloud, which does happen - cam plus or not.

CamPlus - when motion is detected your cam will record to the cloud until the motion stops. Also gives you some AI capabilities like vehicle and person tagging of the events. This subscription service also disables the cool down between motion activated clips/events that are recorded to the cloud. This subscription also extends the default 12 second motion activated recording length to ensure the clip in the cloud captures all of the motion that is detected.

No cam plus - all motion activated clips are limited to 12 seconds long. None of your motion activated clips are tagged as vehicle/person/etc. There is a 5-minute cool down period between each 12 second clip. So if you have your cam viewing a street and a 30 minute long parade is passing by, you will get six 12 second clips (one every 5 minutes) saved to the cloud. If you have a microSD card in your camera, you could record your own video of the entire parade from playback (as long as you do it within 3-days time.) The cloud clips can be accessed for up to two weeks prior to “dropping off” from your cloud account.


But that’s not the right answer. As the others explained, the CamPlus and SD settings are different and independent. And you very much CAN and arguably should use them at the same time. Each has unique advantages.


It’s actually probably going to be a different answer from everyone, because I for example have different needs from these cameras than you. The best thing you can do is be informed as to what each feature does and doesn’t do, evaluate your situation and needs, and use what feature or features best fits those needs and situation.

In my use case, for my front door camera that has both camplus and continuous sd recording. I use camplus for my detection area (which is narrowed down to my porch) to notify me if anyone is on my porch where ever I am, but I use the continuous to keep an extended view of everything else in the camera view that I don’t need notifications for.


The V3 cam intermittently is not recording events. For example it didn’t record for more than an hour, at a time of day where cars and people are passing through the field of coverage. No events for an hour and 24 minutes while my property was being vandalized.

When someone dumped garbage and placed someone else’s trash can on my lawn. I checked Events. The 6:01 a.m. event showed t NO trash can on my lawn. The next event
recorded wasn’t till 7:25 a.m, after the garbage was dumped and the trash can magically appeared.

And there’s no recordings on the SD card between 6:01 and 7:25 a.m.

Yes the vandal may have come between 6:02 and 6:07 l, during the cool down. But why is there nothing on the SD card between 6:02 and 7:25 a.m. especially with so much action going on?

Power outage?

The recording gaps are frequent and their have been no power outages. Someone recommended I I set up automatic restart. I have and it hasn’t helped.

I have no Cam Plus, and SD recording is set to Events Only (not continuous) but I noticed SD motion-triggered recordings go on much longer. This was sort of a “hidden” feature until I dug into it. In other words, the cloud is partly just about remote/reminder convenience, since you can view longer videos from the SD card. The 5-minute free-plan delay still applies, but not to quickly consecutive differing events, i.e. motion vs, sound. So you get more features than are obvious at first glance.


"Record Events Only breaks the video feed into 1-minute increments. If a motion is detected at any point within a 1-minute increment, that 1-minute increment is recorded to the microSD card. This means that the camera will record continuously when there is motion, and will not record when there is no motion detected. Just like Continuous recording, this is independent of the 12-second Event Videos that are captured and stored on the cloud for 14 days based on the camera’s motion detection settings. "

No, I don’t think the “cooldown” period applies to SD card motion detection recordings at all?

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Only to the free cloud recordings. There is no cool down to the local storage sd card events only recordings. It just records the full minute where motion is detected, then the next is motion is still there etc. Sound detection is only for cloud recording.