V3 Cam - how does recording work?

I have one V3 cam with CamPlus and initially I didn’t have a SD card in the unit. I purchased a 32gb class 10 card and inserted the powered off cam. Plugged it back in and setup the unit via my Android app to Continuous record… but No Video at Selected Time always shows on the playback page. Even after a trigger event like motion or a car passing by the cam, the app alerts on movement and a short 20 - 24 sec clips. I am paying for CamPlus and it shows on the SERVICES page. I dont know what to do. I’m lost in the multiple and convoluted way this device is connected to CamPlus and now the basic continuous recording does not seem to work. Anyone ?? Help please? Thanks, Lloyd

Welcome to the forums! The cloud storage (camplus clips) are viewed in the event tab of the app, which is located at the bottom of the home page second from the left. Cloud clips are what trigger app notifications and these are your camplus clips if you have the license applied to the camera. You mentioned that you have “continuous” recording enabled. That is viewed by live viewing a camera then pressing the playback button at the bottom, which sounds like you found this. This may take a second to load or populate the timeline once you click into it. This is your local storage. If you go into the camera settings, then to advanced, what does it say for your SD card status/usage? Local storage and cloud storage each have their own set of settings and operate independantly of eachother.

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Thank You for responding. So when I go to live view, then select view playback, The area which should have the camera shot is blurred and it flashes a good clear signal for about a 1/2 sec, then blurred again. There are no areas showing on the timeline at all. Then under the ‘gear’ icon , then Advanced Settings, I have Record to MicroSD Card turned on, Continous is selected (its white background) and under Manage MicroSD Card it Camera MicroSD card 2.0M/32.0M and the FORMAT button on the right…I don’t see any other status. One thing I"ve noticed is that under the Events tab (2nd from left on home page. I see several clips of various lengths 10 12 20 50 seconds and inbetween one of them is this statement. 5min – Get CamPlus to enable continous video recording.
That last statement makes we think something it not fully engaged on the cam/camplus linking…
Thanks again for your help Merry Christmas…

32MB is a TINY card for video. You need a larger card. You are not seeing any recordings because they are almost immediately being overwritten (longer answer on that process if desired). Wyze officially supports up to 32GB , but many of us use larger cards than that. I have 64GB cards in all of my 34 cameras and tested a 128GB card I normally use in my drone in a couple of my cameras - successfully.

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OOOH…I sent you down a rabbit trail on my mistaken typing. Its a 32GB card type 10… sorry… I am going to format it on my computer as a FAT32 to ensure its good. I don’t know if the format in the app is a real solid format or just a wire of the files.

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Is the blur a mostly white room that is blurred out? That’s the stock Wyze placeholder esk photo. Is the time-lapse me white or teal/greenish? How long do you wait before exiting that screen? I’d wait a good few moments to see if the continuous files populate the timeline. Another thing to try for troubleshooting is to remove the SD card from the camera, place it in a computer and see if the files on the card match up to the time you pulled the card. It’ll be one minute increments videos files in folders per hour and per day.

Based on this it appears as if your card is recording something. Had two gigs of stuff on it.

Those are your camplus clips. Camplus records clips that are the length of detected motion and uploaded to the cloud. The other thing you see looks like like an advertisement. But based on your cloud video length, camplus is working for that camera.

As always - What is the brand of the card?
Not all cards work well.

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Success!!! The SD card is a SanDisk Ultra UHS-1 class 10 16GB.
I thought about it at work and came home formatted the card with a sd card formatter instead of the formatter in the app and instantly the continius record to the card is WORKING!!!

Thanks to everyone that took time to read or comment. One more happy customer Now to find 4 of the Flood Camera units for each corner of the house…
Lloyd M

Size matters if it gets bigger than 32GB.