Cam V3 Newbie - SD Card Question

I just installed my first V3 cam!

I have a quick question: If I install an SD card, will it still save to that card if I eventually decide to subscribe to Wyze’s CamPlus option?

I’ve looked around a little on these forums and see that people without the CamPlus option are having difficulty seeing recordings of past events and some think that Wyze is doing this on purpose in order to “coax” users to their paid service. Don’t know if this is true, but I want to make sure I’m not wasting my $ on SD cards if they’re not going to work.

I also want to make sure SD cards still record if I eventually switch to Wyze’s paid service.

THANK YOU!!! :pray:

Yes. The local SD card recording settings are separate from the cloud event recording settings, regardless of CamPlus status. FYI my own V2 cameras have never worked well with SD cards.


Just to amplify what @Customer said, you can use both CamPlus and SDCard recording simultaneously. CamPlus will record to the cloud and those recordings are under the Event tab. SDCard recordings are accessible from the Playback option on the camera live view page.


Personally, in 3.5 years I haven’t had a problem with an SD card yet. I have a mixture of manufacturers including Wyze, and I don’t even reformat them. I have had roughly 7-9 cameras recording constantly during that entire time. Just lucky, I think. Some do have problems.

I actually use SD cards in place of Cam Plus, and just press the SD card Playback icon on the 12-second event to see as much of the event as I want from the continuous recording on the SD card. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your prompt feedback!

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VERY helpful. Thank you!

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Great tip on the SD card instead of Cam Plus! Thanks!


I use a range of recording options as the different use cases for my range if cameras varies. My “critical cameras” all have camplus and a large high endurance sd card set to continuous. The next tier have only SD cards set to continuous and no cloud recording setup. Then the lowest have SD cards but only record events only to the card.

After your due diligence researching the options and if you do decide to go with SD card local storage recording, I’d make sure to get quality SD cards meant for this use. Search the forums for high endurance cards as those handle the continuous write cycles better than non HE cards. I think this will save you a lot of headache if you chose to go with this.


That’s a great idea, Omgitstony; to equip different cameras with different bells and whistles, depending on the importance of the location of the cameras. I like the idea of using camplus & high endurance sd cards for the most important cameras, only high endurance cards for the next level (continuous recording) and sd cards for the lowest level (record events to the card, only). I just purchased a SanDisk micro SD, 128GB card. Hopefully this is a good one with which to start. THANK YOU!


@Newshound , im curious about your comment of not reformatting. Does the new data just overwrite the oldest data?

I currently reformat my smallest space drives monthly for peace of mind.

Yes. The video is saved in 1-minute increments so they can clear the oldest to make room for the newest. Typically you get 3-8 days on a 32 GB SD card (depending on your resolution setting), so after that amount of time you start losing old footage to make room for new footage. :slight_smile: