Cam v3/v2 how to change the length of recording to SD card

I have a mixture of v2 and v3 cams.
They all have SD cards installed set to record events only. I have found increasingly that events captured are quite short and do not contain the whole event when motion has been detected.

Is there a way to increase the length of the video captured to SD card for each event??


Events only will record until motion stops (according to its preset settings), but it should resume when motion starts again (again, according to the definition of its preset settings).

I have never been one to depend on a mode that I can’t adjust. So I do continuous recording on all my cams. Then, when an event is captured, you just press the playback button on the cloud event clip to see as much of the event as you want.

Days, if you like. :slight_smile:


I have the Wyze Cam V3 and have purchased the CamPlus.
Do you require an SD card as well to view continuous recording?
Thanks Richard

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Continuous recording is an SD card function, so you would need an SD card for that.

Cam Plus is a cloud-recording enhancement, and whereas it will record for the duration of the event, it does not record continuously.


I have SD cards in every camera. Except for my 8 WOC, they are all set for continuous recording. Using a high endurance 64 GB SD card, I get about a week at SD resolution.


Yes I get that I can set it to continuous record.
Also, the recording does not continue even if motion continues and due to maybe some cooldown period betweeen events, the rest of the recording is then not available, as I think the cool down before the next recording is 5 mins.

Ideally, we should be able to set a minimum recording event for SD cards. So it will record for example, for 2 mins regardless if there is continuous motion, and if there is motion in the 2 mins period, it should extend the recording time.


Huh? If it’s set to continuous record, it records everything 24/7. You are confusing the 12 second cloud clips with what is being recorded on your SD card. It doesn’t stop recording even if the motion continues. If you’ve set it to continuous recording, simply pull up your camera’s playback to the time of where the 12 second cloud clip ends, and the entire event will be there


What @trekgod3 said. The SD recordings are under View Playback, not Events. Continuous means continuous. (Wyzecams don’t SD record reliably for me though.)

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You need to update your firmware before you keep telling everyone how unreliable SD cards are, lol.


I also have 64GB uSD cards in all 30 Wyze cameras. They are all set to continuous recording.
When set to Events only, the camera always record to the uSD card in one minute segments. If there is an event anywhere in a minute, the file is written to the card. If there is no event in that minute, the file for that minute is not written to the uSD card. Does not matter where in the minute an event is - you get a one minute file.
For example, if an event comes in at 7:18:05, you get the minute from 7:18:00 to 7:19:00. Similarly, if an event comes in at 7:35:58, you get the minute from 7:35:00 to 7:36:00. If the event were to continue past 7:36:00, you would also get the minute from 7:36:00 to 7:37:00. Again, this is for events only uSD card recording (seen via “View Playback” on the camera main screen). This has nothing to do with cloud recording (seen via the Events tab).


As others alluded to, I believe you’re confusing the “cloud” events with the SD recordings. The events tab at the bottom of the app are the cloud-uploaded events. These are limited to 12 seconds, with 5 minutes between events. To view what’s on the SD card, you first call up the live view of the camera, then click the “View Playback” button. These recordings are in 1 minute segments, that go as long as there is motion. No time limit (other then SD card space), and no cooldown between recordings.

This View Playback screen will show a timeline under the video window that shows when records happened. There’s colored blocks showing the recordings. You can swipe through this to scrub forward or backwards, or use the left and right arrows to skip between recordings. You can also zoom in on this timeline to get finer control


Very fair. :slight_smile:
I do always make it clear it’s my own experience though. Do you recall any previous version releases specifically mentioning SD card improvements (aside from the new ExFAT support)?

When I first started complaining about SD recording my firmware WAS up to date…

I think you use a lot of V2s, right? on the V2 fixed some SD card issues, but there is always the line:

  • Other bug fixes and improvements


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Thanks @Newshound . My current vague plan is to see just how badly the forced February updates break things for me, and then update firmware together with brand new high endurance cards. The weather is about as hazardous now as it will be next month to be climbing up there.

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You may also get faster notifications with updated firmware. :slight_smile:

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Now you’re just rubbing it in…


No I’m not confusing the cloud events and SD recordings.

I know that cloud is limited to 12 secs unless you have the PLus membership.

I’m specifically talking about the length of recordings seen under playback which is accessing the recording saved on the SD card.

I know I can turn on continuous recording but then I need to search for the time that motion was detected. Having it set to record only motion means it’s easy for me to switch to the next SD card event in the app.

My issue is that the Wyze camera doesn’t record the whole event even if motion continues. Hence why I’m asking if there’s a way to set a default length of recording for the SD card events (not cloud events).

The micro SD card events will record as long as there is motion, the way it works to the micro SD card is the card will record in one minute intervals, if there is motion in that one minute video it keeps it, if there isn’t it deletes it. So if you walk in front of your cam every 50 seconds you will have a continuous recording since there is motion in every minute. There is no cool down for the micro SD card. The notifications and videos under the event tab are limited to the 5 minute cool down, but if you go to the live view of the camera and select view playback you will see there may be events in between what showed in the events tab.


Hmmm ok.
I do have a number of instances now that the recording to the SD card only captured half the event.

A typical example is when a delivery arrives. I have a camera in the upstairs bedroom window looking out over the driveway.

The SD card only has a single recording that captures the delivery vehicle arriving and stops there. There is no capture of the driver getting out of the vehicle with package or of the vehicle driving off.

I’ll see if I can upload an example.



Can you walk me through how you view this video?