Best way to record on v3 for playback

good morning.
i have a v3 set up in a room with vending machines that we have had some theft from.
what is the best recording options to use. i have a sd card but it only seems to record 30 seconds from when an action starts and it doesnt seem to pick up every time someone enters the room.
what are the best setting and how to i get to the cloud see these as well or can i not do that if i have a sd inserted?
thank you

Here’s the way event recording works to the local uSD card. Any minute that has an event is recorded. If the event was at the 3rd second of the minute, you will get 57 seconds after the event. If the even was at the 56th second of the minute, you will get 4 seconds after the event. If the event continues into the next minute, you will get that minute. Always 1 minute blocks based on the clock - not the event time.
I have all of my cameras set to continuous recording.
Cloud based events are 12 seconds with a 5 minute cooldown between events unless you have CamPlus - which eliminates both of those limitations.


@greenbergeli See this support article for detailed information on video recordings and settings.

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Great description @K6CCC .

I would set it up for Continuous recording when it comes to the SD Card. if you have not done that.

Do you have Cam Plus? No reference made if you do.

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