Wyze V3 with no Cam Plus

Early last year, I bought 13 of the V3 cameras, mainly for the reason I can put in a micro SD card and use the motion caption that came with the software. It appears wyze has since stopped this feature as part of their base software? I have attached some screenshots of my settings. You will see that the caption bar no longer shows any indication of any movement. It also appears the only way to truly capture motion without paying Cam plus feature is to set the recording to “events only” but in my experience, the software isn’t smart enough to record all events and misses most of it. If I have to pay extra for this every month, I am deeply disappointed with Wyze :(. Someone please tell me if there is a way to capture events WITH continuous recording turned on.

link: Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code

If you use their servers then you can do some simple stuff for free but with a 5 minute cooldown between each so stuff will be missing.

If I have microSD cards, does Cam Plus change anything with how they work?

“Cam Plus will not change any of your microSD card functions with your Wyze Cam. You can use both at the same time.”

These are cheap products. You cannot get everything and the kitchen sink or even half of that for the price paid. They have employees to pay and those aren’t cheap :slight_smile:

I use it as a dumb cam and am very happy with it. But, I understand they market the extra features and people will get disappointed by various expectations.

From your screenshot of the SD Card playback, it looks to me that you have the SD card set to continuous recording. The green bar to the left on the time bar slider indicates all the recorded footage that has been recorded in the past. The time bar slider green should stop being green at the present time.

It looks like your SD card recording is functioning properly.

The SD card recordings will only show motion events (green dashes on the bar) if you have the SD card recordings set to events only in the advanced settings:

The Event Recording setting in the app settings for the cam ONLY affects the cloud recordings on the Events Tab. It has no affect on SD card recordings. You can be on the free base plan with all event recording off (no cloud recordings, no notifications, no events in events tab, no cooldown, no AI Tagging) and still get event and continuous recordings on the SD Card.

Event tab recordings, notifications, cooldown, AI tagging are all cloud services and are affected by your subscription. SD card recordings only have 2 toggles: On\Off and Continuous\Event and they are NOT affected by your subscription status.

Hope this helps! Good Luck :crossed_fingers:


Thank you for responding. I set the settings to “events only” as you suggested but that setting only seem to record the event it self. This would be fine if the software worked as it should, but quite often I find it doesn’t fully record the movements. When I purchased the cameras a year or so ago, I recall you were able to record in continuous mode AND see events. This was part of the base software and I did not have to pay anything extra for it. Did Wyze take that feature out?

Yes and no.

The ability to record to the SD Card continuous or events only has NOT changed, but it is one or the other. Never has been both.

I think the events you are referring to seeing are those that are posted to the Events Tab… These are cloud recorded events, not SD card recorded events and are completely separate and different.

With the rising cost of cloud server space, Wyze introduced CamPlus Lite and relegated all base plan “free” users to a new non-subscription free base plan wherein you only get notification for motion events and a thumbnail snapshot of the event in the cloud events tab. From that thumbnail you can jump to the full playback on the SD card if you are recording continuous. Still have a 5 min cooldown on the events tab.

In order to keep a 12s video event on the events tab, you have to subscribe to a CamPlus Lite license, Wich CAN ALSO BE FREE. You get the 12 sec video, notifications, and Person Detection AI, but you still have a 5 min cooldown on all events tab cloud videos.

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With the motion detection recording… Spot on. It is not effective for recording the before and after. Activation is too slow. I record continuous, but I also have CamPlus on all my cams.