WYZE Cam V3 PLUS does not recognize formatted SD Cards 32GB

The camera, bought 7/19/21 was initially recording continuous events. One day, from one frame to the other, it could not read my SD CARD. I got a new, 32GB SD card and formatted it to FAT 32; however, the same problem persisted with notifications that only 12sec could be captured. I then formatted it to ExFAT and immediately reformatted it to FAT32 on the Wyze App. “It was formatted successfully.” However, I still have the same problem with no continuous recording , sometimes a few hours apart. The troubleshooting chat does not undersand the issue: The first and second conforming and formatted SD cards are not recognized under the PLUS plan. I am missing important events–the reason for the PLUS subscription.

First of all, Cam Plus and uSD card recording have no relation to each other - zero.

If you have CamPlus set up on that camera, cloud based events are not limited to 12 seconds. Notifications are based on cloud based events - not uSD card recording. Cloud based events are accessed from the events tab in the app, whereas uSD card recordings are accessed from the “View Playback” at the bottom of each camera page.
You can check status of the uSD card by selecting the gear in the upper right corner of a cameras page then Advanced Settings > Manage MicroSD Card. That will show you a bar graph of the percentage of card that is full. Above that are numbers that tell you how much of the card is filled and the total capacity. For example the 64GB card in the camera I’m looking at shows 55.77G/59.45G indicating that I have 55.77GB used out of a capacity of 59.45GB. Having the card almost full is normal for a card that has been used for a while because when the card fills, oldest recordings are deleted to make room for new recording. This is automatic - no action is required on your part.

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Is your Cam Plus license assigned to your camera? It doesn’t sound like it with only 12 second recordings. You can assign the license to the camera under the Account tab > Services.

@K6CCC is right, there is no relationship between the SD card and the 12-second (or longer with Cam Plus) cloud recordings.

To access the local SD card, you use one of two Playback buttons: One is under the camera’s live view when in portrait mode, and one is under the Event clip on the Event tab when it is in portrait mode.

If you have Continuous recording turned on in the camera’s Advanced Settings, then you should have 24 hour coverage for 3-8 days, depending on whether the camera is set to HD or SD. After that it will overwrite the oldest footage.

Thanks so much for your detailed explanation of the camera and SD card workings. It helped me understand some things better; however, after my post, I was able to talk to a Wyze representative and he assisted me with testing the SD card; checking the framework, my camera settings, etc. All were where they were supposed to be. The new SD card shows usage and, yes, I have always been able to view Playback. But the problem persists in that when I first installed the camera I could see all the EVENT videos as they happened through day and night until one day when-- from one minute to the next-- it began reporting there was no SD card (the new one shows usage as the other one did). At the end of the Rep’s help, I was able to see the EVENTS function videos–one after the other–as I maneuvered inside de porch to re-install the camera. I live in a cul’d’sac where we have private, delivery, and other vehicles driving by/through plus owners walking throughout the neighborhood for exercise. As I write this reply, almost two hours have passed without seeing any EVENTS–not typical of this neighborhood, It appears that the event videos happen when I enter or exit my porch. Thus, two or more hours pass without a single EVENTS video of a vehicle, person, or other motion, And I need to see it all for specific reasons. The camera points toward my front lawn but I get to see parked cars and houses in the distance where–when the EVENTS feature is working properly-- I can see vehicles entering and exiting the area. With the PLUS registered and the camera set to continuous, I do not know why it does not provide more secuence of events as I know they happen here. I welcome any other ideas you may have. I am not technically-oriented, I just research issues and try to follow instructions. Thank you again for taking your time to reply.

Thank you for your prompt answer. Please refer to the above reply updating my post. To answer your question, Yes, the CAM PLUS is assigned and check-marked as such. Also, I have set the camera to continuous recording and there is ample space left on the new SD card, As noted in my reply above, it seems the EVENTS feature captures me in/out my porch more so than all the activity that happens in my cul’d’sac where more than two hours pass without any such EVENT videos. When first installed two months ago, I had lots of continued videos day and night–not anymore. I do value your reply if you could find a way to solve the EVENTS issue. Thanks!

The Events tab (cloud recordings) will naturally be more likely to capture objects close to the camera (you) than far away (the cul-de-sac). Some settings that affect Events on a V3 cam are:

  • Detection Settings > Sensitivity
  • Detection Settings > Detection Zone
  • Event Recording
  • Notifications

So we can see what the camera is seeing, can you post a picture of the camera’s view by screen capturing your Detection Settings > Detection Zone page?

I believe I have solved the issue noted in my prior post and your replies. Reading both replies, I narrowed down the problem to “Wyze’s cloud.” An internet search of Wyze’s Cloud brought me to “Brenda - EVENTS - March 9, 2021” article. I followed her directions to the “funnel and filter” noting that only the Camera and Person were selected, leaving out “Package, Vehicle, and Pet.” I check-marked those and will now see if I get to see continuous EVENTS of the missing motion activities. Thanks again for your tech explanation that helped me get what I believe will be the solution to the problem. (No wonder the camera only captured me all the time in and out of the porch).

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Unless you are trying to restrict hits, a better way to go on the filter is to UNcheck mark EVERYTHING. Seems like there used to be a bug if you check-marked too many things? Can’t remember, but unchecking everything lets everything thru.

Glad you are up and running! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your suggestions (I am learning the process). Since I added the checkmarks on the filters I have been getting EVENT videos. My detection settings are almost the highest on both. Now I saw a new feature that was added: the Detection Zone (It had disappeared) . I highlighted the ones I wanted and it is working as well. I hope that now everything continues to work as chosen.