No events with cam

I’m beyond frustrated! Can’t get responses from customer service to save my life so maybe someone here can help.
I have 4 cameras. All have SD cards and all are on the person detection (pay monthly) subscription.
Recently 3 of my cameras just stopped recording events. I have to go back into the feedback to see any activity. Which is really annoying if I have hours to go through and miss something.
I have gone into my rules and made sure that it has record when motion detected’
What am I doing wrong Or have these cameras gotten this bad!!! I know customer support has.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Are thee V2 or WOC camera? Are there motion or sound detects activated and recording?


Power cycle your cameras, see if events return.

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I have the same thing happening with 3 of my 6 cameras (sigh). I had a package delivered today and no event was triggered for the truck coming down my (100ft) driveway OR leaving. I happened to be home so I heard the truck and looked at the live feed. Yep, there goes the truck and NO EVENT. This is so frustrating!

Welcome to the forums! Need more info to help trouble shoot with you if you want. What type of cameras are you referring to? Was there any other events previous to this truck arriving? Are you using camplus? And are you saying none of the three cameras referenced triggered an event when the delivery truck arrived?

I’m having the same issue with 3 V2 cams. Power cycling will get events recording again, but this is not a solution. I checked fw logs and cameras are still sending data after recording stops so it doesn’t seem to be a network issue. I’m trying to determine why they just stop recording events. This didn’t use to happen. One thing I did notice is that there is a little static noise on these cams after the hottest part of August and the issue started to occur around this time. Two of the cams are outside but covered.

(1) The static noise could be from a failing semiconductor, also called random telegraph noise (RTN), popcorn noise , impulse noise , bi-stable noise , or random telegraph signal (RTS) noise.

(2) Are you asking about events not recording on the uSD card? It sould be the card is failing from continued overwrites.

  • Check the disk with the command line C:\Windows\system32>ChkDsk X: /r Where X is the uSD card
  • Format the uSD card and un-check the default “Quick” option so it can mask out bad cells.
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@dr.know, Thanks for the suggestions, I will check the cards.
I meant the events just stop recording on all three cameras randomly. So, the event occurs, it should be recorded as sound, motion or person and then a notification is sent. If the event happened but does not get recorded then there is no reason to send a notification. If I notice no activity for a while and check the events log in the app, it says “Nothing to see here”, I restart the cameras individually and manually and events start recording again. It’s not a loss of network AFAICT because i see data for the cameras in the fw logs.

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For me, I have noticed a direct link between events not being recorded and the SD card becoming “full”. This all started when I enabled Cam Plus on one of my 3 V2 cameras a few weeks ago. When it happens, I can see that it is no longer writing to the SD card and most attempts to reformat it in the app fail - well, they say success but the free space doesn’t increase.

I have no problems on my other 2 V2 cameras - the events and writing to SD have been working on the same cards for a year. But since changing to Cam Plus, I’ve had 2 SD cards go bad in that camera in the space of 3 weeks. I have a Performance SD card ordered to replace it which better work as it’s going to be expensive to keep replacing my SD card every few weeks.

I think Wyze are aware of this as I saw a firmware update appear briefly that listed a few bug fixes related to SD cards but I no longer have the option to install that firmware.

  • Check the disk with the command line C:\Windows\system32>ChkDsk X: /r Where X is the uSD card
  • Format the uSD card and un-check the default “Quick” option so it can mask out bad cells.

Do you mean Endurance SD?

Ah yes, Endurance.
I have a Samsung PRO Endurance 32 GB microSDHC card ordered.

I see that the firmware upgrade option was removed as it was causing problems on many devices. Hopefully when Wyze sort that, we’ll get our fixes to the events not being recorded.

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I have put the card in my PC and am running the ChkDsk now. When that completes, I’ll do a full FAT32 format, which took over an hour the last time.

The card seems ok as I can play videos from it and it’s not read-only this time as I was able to create a dummy text file on it. But the last video on it is from yesterday afternoon. I suspect the camera sees the SD card as full and cannot overwrite the oldest file. If the camera has a memory buffer, perhaps that is full so it also cannot record new events to save to the cloud. Just guessing, but restarting the device from the App didn’t help so it’s probably not as simple as that.

ChkDsk showed 2 errors and removed them. After the full format and re-enabling local SD storage, the camera is back recording events.

Again, I’ve only had this problem on the camera with Cam Plus enabled. The other 2 cameras are still generating events and writing to SD card. All cameras are on the same firmware version (.156).

I have 6 V2 and a pan cam and all of a sudden only the pan cam records events…nothing from the V2 cams…all used to work fine.

FWIW, I do not have the camPlus service but only opted for the person detection. I noticed there is an option to format the SD card from the app. I did that on my front camera and it took less than 30 seconds (30GB). BTW, all three cameras that have intermittently stopped recording events showed the SD cards had less than 2GB free space on a 30GB card.
I took the SD card out of the living room cam and viewed files on it, no access issues. I ran the ChkDsk as @dr.know suggested, that completed with no errors. I will format manually here just to try something different than the front cam. The back cam I will leave unchanged and see how this affects the no event recording issue.

The camera format (or “Quick” format) just erases the FAT (file allocation table). All the files are still there and could be recovered. It doesn’t check for any errors or bad cells, thats why its so fast.

Update I’m hoping this might help someone else with the same issue so following up here.
Recap all cams are V2 wyze cams. front cam - formatted SD using in app format option, it has been recording events without fail since that time (4 days now). Back cam - I made no changes to it as it was my control, it stopped recording events yesterday at 7:39AM cdt. I know a restart of the cam will get those going events going again but have not done that yet. Living Room cam - I took the SD card out and manually formatted unchecking the quick option, took 18 min on a 30GB card. It has also been recording events non-stop for the last 4 days. I did receive a notification about a firmware update for this cam yesterday. I didn’t want to taint the results but I went ahead and ran the update. It is now on ver . Still recording events as usual the last 4 days. Front and Back cams are still on the firmware version. Since I did not have issues with the LR cam and also since the Back cam has stopped recording, I will allow the update on the other two and monitor. I think it is worth noting the firmware update as @nightmayor mentioned it as a potential issue with the previous fw update, maybe this one (.193) contains a fix? We shall see. I think the suspicion has merit.

Since I put in the High Endurance micro SD card a few weeks ago, it has been generally ok.
There are still times when it misses events but it seems to be catching most of them now and I haven’t had to reformat the card since.

I only got a 32GB card as I was hesitant to pay for a 128GB card and have it get broken. But I’m growing in confidence with it now. Viewing playback seems more responsive as well.

Thanks for the update and glad the new High Endurance micro SD is working better for you.
The 32GB is the max size to use for manual updating the firmware if/when that becomes necessary. Believe it is also the largest size to use in the Outdoor Cam.