Events stopped on Wyze Outdoor cam Nov 1. Still working on all other cameras

Yesterday, I discovered that an Outdoor Cam that I have, is not recording any events.
All my other cameras (variety of types) are showing motion events just fine.
Nothing has been changed on the camera. Events seem to have stopped cold on Nov 1. I attached a screenshot showing events on Oct 31, and (still) none on Nov 5.

The camera is located at my rental unit in FL, outside the door to the unit. Have been capturing motion events successfully for months without issue. Have checked everything I can, and all looks normal.

I noticed there was a post yesterday from @WyzeGwendolyn about some issue related to Cam Plus. Not sure if that is the root cause of the issue I am seeing, but as of Friday evening, I am still not seeing any motion events for this camera.

Anyone else seeing similar issues?


What does your live view show?

And earlier this evening, when I had the live view on, I saw the guests going in the door and out the door. Typically that would be an event. Has been that way for months. Until November 1st.


Power cycle camera and make sure it has the latest firmware

Done. Of course, it’s currently 7:00 a.m., so I’ll have to wait for some activity later in the morning to see if it worked.


Still same thing.

I’m having similar problems. I run 12 cams, 3 of which are WCOs. The WCOs are NOT on Cam Plus. The other 9 are. The WCOs were working fine. I took them down to charge them on 11/14. Went to firmware 4.171.290. Since then, I’m not capturing most events. If I stand in front of the camera or idle a vehicle in front of it, it wakes up and captures the event. If I drive by normally, I get nothing, and I was getting such events prior. It’s like the PIR isn’t working nearly as well as it was.

Set both sensor at 90,power cycle the hub,cameras

Thanks. I’ll give that a try and report back.


Finally got out to the camera location and followed your instructions. Nothing has really changed. If a vehicle gets really close to the camera (~20 feet) and comes to a stop, the PIR sensor wakes up the camera and I capture an event. If a vehicle drives by normally, it can go by without triggering an event. Both cameras have been mounted in the same location for over a year, and they had performed as expected. Now their range and sensitivity seems to be shot. I can livestream just fine.

Shortly after posting my results of the power cycle exercise, one of my WCOs went crazy. It is now capturing events every 5 to 10 minutes triggered by rain! This is only happening in Night Vision Mode, and it’s only happening on 1 of 3 WCOs. Very confusing and annoying. I thought the camera didn’t wake up unless a heat source triggered the PIR, and there is no heat source. The camera is at the end of a mile long, narrow, dead-end gravel road, so I know that it’s not traffic. My current solution is to turn off the Night Vision mode, which is not a good long term solution.