Outdoor cams not recording events...again - Tired of being a beta tester for a paid product

For the second time in 30 days all four of my Outdoor cams suddenly stop recording events. Last time I had to take them all down, remove them from the app, remove the licenses and go through the process of reinstalling each one. It would seem Wyze is having trouble with Cam Plus specifically, as Cam Plus licensing also seem to be at the heart of the well documented Error 06. I feel like I paid to be a beta tester. Would be great if the product and service just worked. Was a silent update pushed last night?

I have 4 WYZE outdoor cams on cam plus that record events many times a day every day. I have the newest version of firmware, my base is connected via the ethernet and all cams have a strong wi-fi signal. Do your cams go off line ? can you live stream ? are the batteries charged up. I don’t understand why you have to remove the cams and set up again. If the base is working and has a solid blue light you should be able to just turn the power on the cams off manually the turn back on and the cams should connect if they have a signal ???

Yeah, they should work. I have a strong signal on all of them, the batteries are charged, I can connect and view them live, they recorded events without a problem then suddenly stopped. I can still see everything live, the base is still communicating and the signals are all still strong.